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By Charles Stormont. Desktop Publishing Final. Self Portrait. Self Portrait Images. References. Slice of Pizza  Bible

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By charles stormont

By Charles Stormont

Desktop Publishing Final


Slice of Pizza


Aspen trees

Me reference = my dad took a picture of me.

Sprite Bottle

Blank Wall

What happened
What happened

  • First off what I did was look for a picture of a blank wall that was the base of my background for my self portrait.

  • I then made a made eight shapes and but different color Gradients in each one of them.

  • I then took the picture of me that my dad took and I used the Magnetic lasso tool to cut my self out of the original picture. I then dragged it to the self portrait I was making.

  • After that I took the sprite bottle used the magic eraser tool and erased the background it had, I then put it into the self portrait photo. I then used the color balance to recolor the sprite bottle.

  • I recolor the label of the bottle a different color then the rest of the bottle.

  • Next I used the filter texturise on the sprite label.

What happened next continued
What happened next (continued)

  • Next I took the slice of pizza and applied the cross hatch filter to it the I went to edit, transform , warp. I warped the slice of pizza to fit on top of the sprite bottle.

  • Next I put a square in front of all the other squares with gradients in them.

  • I then used the Gradient tool on the square, Then I went to filter , liquefy and I made the shape all morphed and deformed. After I did that you could see all the other colors from the other squares behind the deformed gradient.

  • Next I used the Craquelure filter on the deformed gradient blob.

  • Next I put cropped the picture of the tree (that’s in the my self portrait), then I used color balance to recolor the tree orange. Next I put a picture of my bible into the self portrait. Then I rotated the picture a little and set it against the bar rail. Then I used the burn tool to put a shadow behind my bible. After that created a new text layer and put the words “stand out” on top of the deformed gradient layer.


  • This picture that I created / manipulated portrays me to be creative , humorous, random, cool, outgoing, and fun. In my opinion anyways.