Case study airtel africa
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Case Study: Airtel Africa. Presentation at the LRMG Pre-Café Workshop, South Africa By Tina Muparadzi 7 November 2012. Who we are Why e-learning for us Partner –LRMG Learn Alive Key Success factors Utilisation Mapping Communication Learn Alive guidelines

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Case study airtel africa

Case Study: Airtel Africa

Presentation at the LRMG Pre-Café Workshop, South Africa

By Tina Muparadzi

7 November 2012

Case study airtel africa

  • Who we are

  • Why e-learning for us

  • Partner –LRMG

  • Learn Alive

  • Key Success factors

    • Utilisation

    • Mapping

    • Communication

    • Learn Alive guidelines

  • Quarterly ROX: July – Sept

  • The team behind it all

  • Next Steps

Case study airtel africa

Airtel Africa overview…







Sierra Leone

Kenya [Africa HQ]



Burkina Faso



Congo B





(Source: CIA World Fact Book)

Why e learning for us
Why e-Learning for us?

  • Inadequate career development opportunities continued to have a low engagement score but a high impact on engagement.

  • Africa Leadership Initiative aims to have all people with the right skills

  • Cost efficiency in delivering skills building to a large number of employees

  • Capacity to help employees develop themselves while maintaining a focus on their jobs

  • Motivating factor that in any year we can reach a lot more people through development interventions than ever before.

Implementation partner lrmg
Implementation partner - LRMG

  • Widest implementation experience in Africa – Multichoice, MTN, Banks etc.

  • Continually up to date content available in English and French

  • Good tracking capability

  • Previous partnerships with Airtel Africa – HO and Airtel Kenya.

  • Strong technical support capabilities

  • ROX Model

Learn alive
Learn Alive

  • Our e-learning system is dubbed Learn Alive!

  • This is a key component of our Africa Leadership Initiative

  • Airtel purchased a suite of 500 courses that link to our organizational goals and our talent needs across Africa

  • Launched across Africa in July 2012

  • Within 2 months the uptake was at 44% and now at 64% with highest access in Madagascar with 86%.

Key success factors
Key success factors

  • Senior Management ownership and sponsorship

  • The suite of 500 Selected courses are linked to the organizational goals, opco and individual specific needs

  • An effective Project plan and team

  • A comprehensive Communication Plan that includes teasers, posters, FAQs

  • Completion of courses is part of the employees scorecard

  • Learning Champions

  • Equipping opco L & D Managers with tools, knowledge and skills to support their teams.

  • Support from LRMG


  • Head Office:

    • HO has had a high uptake (84%) because of the support received from Learning Champions

    • The Launch of the Project Management Knowledge Centre generated more interest in e-learning

  • Anglophone

    • This region has the bulk of the employees (44%)

    • Learning Champions

    • Awareness Sessions

  • Francophone

    • Although most of the technical challenges with software and band-with are within the Francophone countries, the utilization keeps improving

    • Strong communication campaigns

    • Determined L&D Managers

  • Nigeria

    • Their approach was to first popularize the concept of eLearning within the organization before getting their users actively enrolling and taking courses.

    • To do this embarked on a series of road shows to achieve this objective


  • All opcos (17) collated their training needs identified during the annual performance review period

  • Training needs were mapped to courses as per the LRMG catalogue

  • HO analyzed this data and selected 500 of the most common, most popular courses across Africa that link to our organizational goals

  • Customized own catalogue by linking courses into curriculums

  • Mapping of courses to individuals as per their PDP and aspirations

  • Each individual is required to do a minimum of 5 courses; 3 as per their PDP and 2 as per career aspirations


  • One Africa wide communication plan

  • Country Specific communication plans

  • Webex meetings with L & D Managers

  • Open forums –To Launch Learn Alive

  • Press Release during launch

  • Learning Champions

  • Road Shows

  • Dedicated Mailbox

  • FAQs

  • Posters

Learn alive guidelines
Learn Alive guidelines

  • Performance Development Meetings to be held between the employee and manager at the beginning of the performance period

  • Mandatory courses for completion

    • 3 as per Performance Development Plan

    • 2 as per Career aspirations

  • Included in the employees Balanced scorecard under self development KRA

  • All courses should be completed by Mar 2013 which is the end of the performance period for Airtel

  • Managers to allow at least one hour per week to be dedicated to e-learning

Reach regional uptake analysis chart
ReachRegional Uptake Analysis - Chart

Access = 62%

Registrations = 49%

Reaction october 2012 survey results
ReactionOctober 2012 Survey Results


  • Responses : The courses may not only benefit one on the job only but also outside work, some courses do apply

  • Responses : the study is very rewarding future life especially at work and communication with client continuation of study to acquire a promotion within the work

  • Responses : In one of my courses, I had an on-going dialogue on-line where I had to choose options and got feedback on my choices immediately, I totally enjoyed that. I also like the fact that it is audio and has visual examples, makes it easier and faster to grasp what one is studying

  • Responses : I'm having a wonderful time so far, but I still wish I could have access to downloadable notes to take home for refreshers now and again. All in all, it's a great tool and sincerely appreciated. Thanks team!

  • Responses : Good work it has made me step up on willingness to learn more each time

Learning regional completion analysis
LearningRegional Completion Analysis

Business impact cost impact
Business ImpactCost Impact

The team behind it all
The team behind it all

Stella Odembo

Talent Development and

Engagement Managers in the


Pamela Yamo -

L&D Administrator

Learning Champions

Key action points for next 90 days
Key action points for next 90 days

  • Survey managers on perceived impact of e-learning

  • Enhance impact of learning by providing tools to support implementation of what was learnt in e-learning

  • Drive course completion up

    • Reward course completion

  • Withdraw licences from those not using them

  • Claim success by linking business achievement in areas where there is high e-learning course completion

  • Create super champions amongst managers so that we can institutionalise learning