welcome to columbia public schools groupwise email n.
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Welcome to Columbia Public Schools GroupWise Email! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Columbia Public Schools GroupWise Email!

Welcome to Columbia Public Schools GroupWise Email!

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Welcome to Columbia Public Schools GroupWise Email!

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  1. Welcome to Columbia Public Schools GroupWise Email! • You are now part of the CPS GroupWise “Group” • This presentation is designed to help you understand the basics of using our email program

  2. The Main GroupWise Screen Items Area: Displays what is highlighted from the Folders List Folders List: Hierarchical structure of folders for messages and documents You can empty the trash by right-clicking on it. Choose “empty”.

  3. Understanding the Tool Bar Create New Message Address Book Print Quick Viewer: view a message without double-clicking on it Tool Bar actions may also be accessed from the Menu Bar of pull-down options.

  4. Sending a Message The ‘Mail To’ Box Sends a “Carbon Copy” Insert Address Here You simply need to type the name of any CPS employee here. You don’t need to type the email address since they are all part of our ‘CPS Group’ Sends a “Blind Copy”Only the person receiving the copy will know it has been sent Access the Address Book Use to send Attachments

  5. Your GroupWise Address Book • Three main address books that EVERYONE has 2. Frequent Contacts When you SEND or REPLY to an address, it is automatically entered here. 1. Novell Address Book 3.Personal Address Book All CPS employees listed here. Allows automatic name completion when entering names in ‘To’ field. Use of GroupWise for personal use is encouraged by CPS

  6. Adding & Moving Addresses MOVE addresses from ‘Frequent Contacts’ (a temporary book) to a permanent book. Right-click on name. Choose‘Copy To’ Create a Distribution List (called Group) by dragging names to this area. Click SAVE GROUP and name it. ADDaddresses by clicking the ‘Add’ button

  7. To Create a Folder, Right-click on Cabinet. Choose New Folder • You can Save a message by dragging it from the Items Area to the folder of your choice Managing Saved Messages System Folderscreated by GroupWise Cabinet Always create your Folders in the Cabinet or inside other folders Custom folderscreated by User Plus SignIndicates folders are inside this folder

  8. Creating Your Mail Signature ChooseTools – Optionsfrom the Menu to set preferences in GroupWise. Select theEnvironment Iconfor creating your signature. Signature– enter it in this box. Select ‘Signature’ and choose to either automatically add it or prompt before adding.

  9. Your Password for Home Email Access • You MUST set a Password in GroupWise before you can access your email from home using Web Mail • Set Password:From the Menu. Choose Tools – Options – Security • Select the Password Tab • Passwords are case sensitive Web Mail address:

  10. Questions? Please Ask Your Building Media Specialist or Call the CPS Help Desk at 25888. Thank you! End Show