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Unit 1. Globalization Language associated with globalization viewpoints on globalization. Meaning of Globalization. What do you think “ globalization ” means?. Evidence (Phenomena). Multinationals (MNC, TNC, global company) and their products and impacts

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Unit 1

Unit 1


Language associated with globalization

viewpoints on globalization

Meaning of globalization
Meaning of Globalization

  • What do you think “globalization” means?

Evidence phenomena
Evidence (Phenomena)

  • Multinationals (MNC, TNC, global company) and their products and impacts

  • International travel and communication

  • Worldwide free exchange of goods, services, money, labour, technology, raw materials and information

    • a situation where a producer may produce anywhere in the world, sell wherever he wants, use resources of any country and have his headquarters anywhere in the world

    • free trade

    • free movement of essential factors of production

Unit 1

  • integration

  • interconnectedness

  • interaction

  • interdependence

For and against globalization
For and against globalization

North American Free Trade Agreement

  • Listen to others: pp.6-7

    What’s the point?

For and against globalization1
For and against globalization

  • Discussion: Present your points of view on

    Economic globalization:

    good or bad?

Economic globalization influences on developing economies
Economic globalization: influences on developing economies

  • Facilitate their access to more capital, esp. direct investment from multinationals, which will enable them to speed up their economic development and restructuring;

  • Encourage them to acquire and exploit new markets and develop foreign trade and economic cooperation with countries by giving full play to their advantages;

  • Enable them to acquire advanced technologies and management as late starters and attain technological progress by leaps and bounds.

Economic globalization influences on developing economies1
Economic globalization: influences on developing economies

  • Make them more vulnerable to the impact of external turmoil (动荡) and financial crises (Asian Financial Crisis of the late 1990s);

  • Make a grave impact on their national industry;

  • Sharpen the conflict between the eco- environment and sustainable development of developing countries (labour-intensive industry);

  • Exacerbate the uneven development among countries and regions and widen the gap between the North and the South and between the rich and the poor. (inequitable and irrational international economic order)

Three mainstays of the world economy
Three Mainstays of the World Economy

Supra-national organizations define the “rules” of international economic activities:

  • WTO

  • IMF (International Monetary Fund)

  • World Bank

    What do they work for respectively?

Going global vocabulary
Going global: vocabulary

  • multinational/MNC/TNC/global company

  • corporate/business/global expansion

  • key terms p.8

Going global group work
Going global: Group work

  • List five multinationals operating in Guangdong Province and five domestic companies operating in the same product areas as them.

  • Compare their products, images, influences and development trend.

Research homework
Research (Homework)

  • US President Obama has imposed a 35 percent punitive tariff on all car and light truck tyres imported from China.

  • Questions (based on the principles of globalization):

    What are the reasons for Obama’s tyre tariff?

    How has China responded to the decision?

Supplementary reading
Supplementary Reading

  • BusinessWeek www.businessweek.com

  • Time www.time.com

  • Fortune money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/

  • Newsweek www.newsweek.com

  • Harvard Business Review

  • The Economist www.economist.com

  • China Daily www.chinadaily.com.cn