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PAX. Status and future plan. June 26, 2012 | Alexander Nass. Overview. COSY. PAX. History. 2006 transport of the HERMES polarized target ( Atomic Beam Source ( ABS ) and Breit-Rabi Polarimeter ( BRP )) to Jülich

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Status and future plan

June 26, 2012 | Alexander Nass





SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina



2006transportofthe HERMES polarizedtarget (Atomic Beam Source (ABS) and Breit-Rabi Polarimeter (BRP)) to Jülich

2006-2009rebuildingofthe ABS and BRP fortheuseat COSY / AD and design & constructionofthetargetchamber

2008-2012Constructionof an openablestoragecell

2009 Installation ofthelow-βsection, commissioning

2010 Installation ofthetargetsectionat COSY, commissioning

2010-2011 Design, constructionandinstallationofthe NEG pump attachedtothetargetchamber

2011transverseSpin Filter experimentat COSY

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


The polarized target

Productionof a polarizedatomic beamby an ABS

Increaseofthetargetdensitybymeansof a storagecell

Analysis oftargetpolarizationby a BRP and TGA

Calibrationofthe BRP by pp-scatteringdata



The polarized target in LKW-Schleuse

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


The target chamber

Accomodationofthe (openable) storagecellandmultipurposedetector in a compact design

Support ofthetargetholdingfieldcoils

High pumpingspeedfortarget gas

Fast shut-off valvesto separate andprotect COSY vacuum

Large flangestoinstallthecompletedetector / targetcellsetup in oneoperation on a railsystem

Fixed flowlimiterstoreduce gas flowintotheadjacentsections

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


The (openable) storage cell

Storage cell necessary to increase target gas density up to 1014 atoms/cm2

Storage cell walls should suppress recombination and depolarization

Openable storage cell to allow the uncooled AD beam to pass

Teflon foil walls to detect low energy recoils and suppress recombination and depolarization

Fixed cell used in the COSY experiments due to problems with the density in the openable cell

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


The low-β section

Low-β section necessary to increase the acceptance angle to about 6 mrad

Small diameter COSY proton beam allows the use of a storage cell and therefore an increased filtering rate

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


Commissioning of the low-β section and machine development

Injection of COSY beam through the fixed cell possible

Using frame system acceptance angle measured to be 6.1 mrad

Established sufficient long beam lifetimes > 7000s without target gas with 1010 protons at the desired energy of 49.3 MeV

The frame system

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


The NEG pump

High pumping speed in the target chamber necessary to reduce the pressure of the unpolarized H2 / D2 gas in the target chamber and adjacent beam line sections

Therefore allowinglonger beam lifetimes of the COSY proton beam

Commercially available NEG cartridges mounted into a bakeable stainless steel box

  • Box is closeable with a jalousie to protect the target cell and detector from the heat when NEG is activated (T=250…400 °C)

  • Measurements during the spin filter beam time showed pumping speeds of 13000 l/s

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


Installation at COSY

Installation ofthetargetsection in COSY in summer 2010

Modular systemtoremoveandinstallthetargetquickly

Onesupportstructurefor ABS, BRP andtargetchamberwith NEG pump


SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


Density of the polarized target gas

Intensity measurement of the ABS using an absolute baratron pressure measurementin the center on the storage cell in comparision with a calibrated flux from an unpolarized gas feed system

IH1 = (6.1±0.3)·1016 H/s

IH2 = (3.0±0.1)·1016 H2/s

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


Polarization of the target gas

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


Transverse Spin Filtering at COSY

Successfulspinfilterexperiment in autumn 2011

8 weeksofdatataking

All componentsworkedwellwithoutmajorproblemsat a high performancelevel



Resultis in goodagreementwiththetheoreticalpredictionsandconfirmsthepresentunderstandingoftheunderlyingprocesses

For more information see talk of D.Oellers

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


Future plan

September 2012 TRIC testexperimentusingthe PAX-target

October 2012Removalofthe PAX-target from COSY ring

2012-2013ModificationandcommissioningofthepolarizedinternaltargetforrunningwithH and D

2012-2013 Design andconstructionof a multipurposedetector

2013 Installation oftheSiberianSnakeat COSY PAX sitefor ANKE experiment(s) with longitudinal beam polarization

2014 Installation oftheSiberianSnakeat COSY ANKE siteandreinstallationofthe PAX targetwithdetector

2014-2015 Longitudinal Spin Filter experimentatCOSY

2015-2017 TRIC andpdbreakupexperimentswith PAX

20?? Spin filteringwithantiprotonsat AD/CERN or FAIR

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


Modifications on the polarized target

TRIC andpdbreakupneedD target

Preparationofhardwareandsoftwarefor D

Comissioningoftargetsectionwith D outside COSY


p filteringrequiresH & D in shortsequence

Prototype ofnew type RF cavity (dual cavity) was producedandtestedwith RF-generator bridge

Hastobetestedwith H / D beam


SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


The Multipurpose Detector

Silicon stripdetectorwith3 layers

Readoutelectronicsconnecteddirectly in vacuum

Liquid coolingsystemfordetectorsandelectronics

Openablecellincluded in the design


For more information see talk of C.Weidemann

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


Openable Flow Limiters

Flow limitersnecessarytoreduceflowof hydrogen (target) gas intoadjacent beam tubeswith high β-functionsofthe (anti)proton beam

High gas pressuresleadtoreduced beam lifetimesofthe (anti)proton beam

Openableflowlimitersnecessarysinceuncooled (anti)proton beam is large (upto 100mm diameter)

After beam cooling (diameter <10mm), closingofflowlimiterstoacceptancelimitandinjectionoftarget gas

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


The Siberian Snake

Will allowfor flexible use in twolocations

Fast ramping (< 30 s) withinjectionofPy


Snakeshouldbeavailable in 2012 / 2013





SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


Preparations for PAX @ AD/CERN

Siberian snake

Electron cooler

PAX target section

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


Preparations for PAX @ AD/CERN

Target chamber:

Detector system + storage cell

Atomic Beam Source



Six additional quadrupoles

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


Preparations for PAX @ AD/CERN

PAX low-β section for AD ready for installation

SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina


Collaboration members in PAX@COSY

W.Augustyniak r, L. Barion c, S. Barsov d, U. Bechstedt a,b, P. Benati c, S. Bertelli c, V. Carassiti c, D. Chiladze e, G. Ciullo c,

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I.N. Meshkov h, H.O. Meyer k, M. Mielke j, M. Mikirtychiants d,a,b, S. Mikirtychiants d,a,b, A. Nass g,a,b, M. Nekipelov a,b,

N.N. Nikolaev a,b,l, M. Nioradze e, D. Oellers a,b,c, M. Papenbrock j, L. Pappalardo c, A. Pesce c, A. Polyanski a,b,f, D. Prasuhn a,b,

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SPIN Physics Workshop in Gatchina