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Mazovian Fund of Credit Sureties. Warsaw (June 2010). MFPK Sp. z o.o. MFPK was created thanks to the Marchal’s initiative of the Mazovia region in 2003. MFPK shareholders. Warsaw Marshall Office and Warsaw City Council State Economy Bank

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Mfpk sp z o o
MFPK Sp. z o.o.

MFPK was created thanks to the Marchal’s initiative of the Mazovia region in 2003

Mfpk shareholders
MFPK shareholders

  • Warsaw Marshall Office and Warsaw City Council

  • State Economy Bank

  • Wojewódzki Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska i Gospodarki Wodnej in Warsaw

  • Districts: Otwocki, Płocki, Sochaczewski, Kozienicki, Mławski

  • Gminy: Mszczonów, Teresin, Świercze,

  • Cities: Józefów, Siedlce, Ostrołęka, Sokołów Podlaski, GarwolinMiasto i Gmina Wołomin Miasto i Gmina Grodzisk Mazowiecki

  • Business associations: Mazovian Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship, Warsaw and Mazovian Employers Association

Mazovian fund of credit sureties

Ownership structure of the Fund increases

credibility in the financial market

which confirms the co-operation with major banks

operating in Poland, crediting beneficiaries of the Fund:

PKO BP SA, BRE Bank SA, Pekao SA, ING Bank Śląski SA,

DnB Nord Polska SA, BPH SA, Polski Bank Spółdzielczy

in Ciechanowie, Mazowiecki Bank Regionalny SA.

Now Fund is negotiating partnership agreements with:

Bank BGŻ SA, Bankiem Polskiej Przedsiębiorczości SA

oraz Millennium SA

Mfpk mission
MFPK mission

The statutory task of the Fund is to help Polish

entrepreneurs from the SME segment in improving

access to external sources of financing through

granting civil law guarantees that secure

credit and bank loans repayment

With large-scale guarantee activity

MFPK carries out public tasks in the framework of

combating unemployment

and activating labor market.

Mazovian fund of credit sureties

MFPK as regional fund

cooperates with many institutions

and organizations creating the infrastructure for

business support in Mazovia region.

Thanks to this cooperation fund provides its

beneficiaries with easier access to economic information, helps to identify the optimal

sources of financing current activities and future investments, helps to identify areas of increased risk (Thanks to this clients of the Fund are only occasionally

unable to pay contracted obligations)

Mfpk cooperates with
MFPK cooperates with

  • Mazovian Regional Loan Fund

  • Mazovian Development Agency

  • Mazovian Energy Agency

  • Mazovian Unit of EU Programmes Implementation

  • Mazovian Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship

  • Warsaw and Mazovian Employers Association

  • Polish Economic Covenant

  • Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining (beneficiary of EU network in terms of Enterprise programme)

Mfpk offers
MFPK offers

The beneficiaries of the Fund are

micro, small and medium-sized

companies - already operating

or entering the market,

having registered headquarter

or one of its subsidiaries

in Mazovia region

Mfpk offers1
MFPK offers

Credits and bank loans guarantees up to 70% of

commitments (in case of another co-underwritting

with regional fund or the BGK max. 80%)

Guarantee time– till 60 months

Maximum guarantee amount– 800,000,000 PLN

(bridge guarantee- 2 mln PLN)

One-time fee for the provision of guarantees– max. 3%

(dependent on the period of guarantee and risk of guarantee)

Mazovian fund of credit sureties

Within six years of building its brand

MFPK developed safe procedures of granting

guarantees and the principle of cooperation

with banks, which resulted in dynamic growth in the

amount of provided guarantees.

During this period Fund strengthened its partnership credibility thanks to the received positive financial results. This gavebasis for obtaining high ratings

given by the BGK and independent rating agencies.

Mazovian fund of credit sureties

Receiving additional capital inter alia from the EU funds and gathering guarantee capital of more than

53 mln PLN, enables active

and effective activities supporting development of

entrepreneurship in the region and thus

activation of the labor market.

Mazovian fund of credit sureties

In 2005-2008 MFPK finalised two projects in cooperation with Polish Agency for Enterprise Development funded by the European Union sources within the Sectoral Operational Programme: Improvement of Competitiveness of Enterprises Measure 1.2.2. "The recapitalization of credit guarantee funds” .

Both projects were completed, achieved

result- support for 1,000

companies operating in Mazovia region.

Mazovian fund of credit sureties
MFPK loans

MFPK gavemore than 2000 guarantees in anamount of nearly370 million PLN until the end of 2009.

Thanks to the Fund’s cooperation

with financial institutions they were able to

give credit for the amount of 660 million PLN.

The ratio of guarantee capital to the value of active guarantee increasingly years 2004 2009
The ratio of loans guarantee capital to the value of active guarantee (increasingly) years 2004-2009

Mazovian fund of credit sureties
MFPK loans

Thanks to the shareholders and the

EU sources MFPK managed to facilitate running business of almost

1700 companies and individual entrepreneurs from the Mazovia region .

Fund has also contributed tomaintenance of employment in companies that had receivedexternal funding for its development.In many cases MFPK was a driving forceincreasing employment growth.

The level of employment rate growth in each year
The level of employment loans rate growth in each year

(data compiled on the basis of statements of the Funds beneficiary)

Mazovian fund of credit sureties
MFPK loans

Based on the data obtained from the Fund the number of newly created jobs are estimated at around 3.7 thousand within the past six years.

Running guarantee business in accordance with the EU horizontal policies also led to support projects related to setting up new companies by women. More than 340 companies cooperating with MFPK aredriven by women or co-managed by them.

Eu subsidies in the framework of rpo wm
EU subsidies in the loans framework of RPO WM

In 2009 MFPK took part in the contest to win a further grant from the EU projects implemented under the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 in the Mazovia voivodeship under Priority I - "Creating the conditions for the development of innovative capacity and entrepreneurship in Mazowsze", Action 1.4, "Strengthening the business environment institutions„

This contest has been settled and the Fund after completion of the procedures relating to the signing up the agreement received additional resourcesamounting up to 70 million.

Further recapitalization of the fund allow s mfpk to
Further recapitalization of the Fund loans allows MFPK to:

  • Extendthe financial services catalogue and create new products (with emphasis on the promotion of innovative projects contributed to the infrastructure development, environment protection, information society)

  • Launch new branches in the other regions

  • Sign up new agreements with new financial institutions

Mazovian fund of credit sureties
MFPK loans

All these activities aim to

create stronger links and partnership

contacts between the private

and publicsector in order to support

SME’s development activities and to eliminate disparities in economic and social development of

Mazovian region.

Benefits for smes resulting from the cooperation with the fund
Benefits for SMEs resulting from loans the cooperation with the Fund

  • Possibility of financing its activities with external sources

  • Increasing the competitiveness of enterprises through new investments

  • Obtaining the Status of credible client in Banks cooperating with the Fund

  • Possibility of benefiting from the EU funds

  • Better cooperation with businessassociations

  • Opportunity to increase employment and thus faster development of the company

Summarizing of the mfpk activity awards and honours
Summarizing of the MFPK activity Awards and honours loans

  • 2006 - the title of "Leader of Business in 2006" for outstanding achievements in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and adapting the company's integration with European market

  • 2006 - Award received from the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Warsaw for cooperation related to environmental protection

  • 2007 - leader for the Promotion of Enterprise Development Program

  • 2008 - leader for Enterprise Development Promotion Programme

  • 2009 - Polish National Sales Award (PNSA) - A leader in the use of EU funds

  • 2009 - the title 'Partner of Promotion of Entrepreneurship Development "

  • 2010 - participation in the Programme for Economic and Consumer "Reliable Company

Mazovian fund of credit sureties
MFPK loans

Contact info: Ul. Mycielskiego 20, 04-379Warszawa (working hours 8.00-16.00)Phone: +48 22 840-32-35, Fax. +48 22 840 32 53E-mail:

Mazovian fund of credit sureties1
Mazovian Fund of Credit Sureties loans

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