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Lean Government

Lean Government

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Lean Government

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  1. Lean Government

  2. Topics What is Lean? What is Lean Government? Why Lean Government? Benefits of Lean Government Lean Government Strategies Barriers to Lean’s Success in Government Summary

  3. What is Lean Thinking? Value Value Stream Empowered People Flow & Pull Perfection

  4. Benefits of Lean Government? • Lean focuses on operations – rethink the way we produce public services to increase our capacity to provide value to the public • Lean recognizes that inefficiency resides in our systems and our operations – the way we have designed our work • Lean actually focuses on the work of the government agency • Lean has a measurable impact on time, capacity and customer satisfaction • Lean projects produce results and they are typically 80% faster than a traditional process • 50% drop in customer wait-times – doubling capacity – reducing phone calls and saving cost

  5. Lean Government Strategies • There are 8 workable Lean strategies for governments seeking to reduce waste and become more efficient • Synchronization to Customer Demands • Understand Variations in Customer Demand • Create Work Cells • Eliminate Batching Work and Multi-Tasking • Enforce First in, First out • Implement Standardized Work and Load Leveling • Do Today’s Work Today • Make the Value Stream Visible Chew Jian Chieh, Valeocon Management Consulting

  6. Lean Government Strategies - Create Work Cells • Governments generally use registry process • The key feature of Lean work cells is the training of multi-skilled and flexible workers • In a lean work cell, the goal is to have all workers trained to a level where everyone can perform the job at every workstation • If everyone can do every job, processes are never left half finished

  7. Barriers to Success • The industrial jargon is a turn-off • The Lean terminology of waste, value stream, Toyota Production System, supply-chain and 5S isn’t simplifying the need to implement Lean thinking • The Lean concepts can have an impact on government performance only if the people in government believe in the concepts • The more we obfuscate helpful concepts with industrial-age terminology, the more barriers we put up to achieving change

  8. Summary Lean is about identifying and reducing waste, by thinking about how we do our jobs while focusing on the customer's needs and eliminating waste. It is about many, small improvements that lead to an overall significant change for the better on how we operate. It is about using the intuition and common sense of the people who do the job to find ways to do it better.

  9. Recommended Readings • Lean Thinking, by Jim Womack • Performance Is the Best Politics, by Graham Richard • We Don’t Make Widgets: Overcoming the Myths That Keep Government From Radically Improving, by Ken Miller • Lean Government Starter Kit -Version 3, National Center for Environmental Innovation • Value Stream Management for the Lean Office, by Don Tapping and Tom Shuker

  10. For more info, please contact: Wil Cox Process Improvement Director Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (608) 210-6724