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Student Organization Training

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Student Organization Training. Fall 2011. Student Activities Funding Board (SAFB). DISCLAIMER. We are going to provide you with a lot of information, s o we highly recommend that you still read the SAFB r egulations (found at ) .

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student organization training

Student Organization Training

Fall 2011

Student Activities Funding Board (SAFB)



We are going to provide you with a lot of information, so we highly recommend that you still read the SAFB regulations (found at

You should understand and ask questions about them if you do not understand something.

what is safb
What is SAFB?
  • The Student Activities Funding Board, or SAFB, is the committee that provides funding and other means of assistance to Oakland University's many student organizations.
  • The purpose of the Student Activities Funding Board is to impartially assist the registered student organizations of Oakland University in implementing and developing programs, events, and other activities to benefit the Oakland University student body by fairly and equitably appropriating its financial resources, as well as professionally consulting with the aforementioned organizations.
safb training
SAFB Training
  • SAFB basic rules & regulations
  • SAFB “The SAFB Fun Fact Sheet”
  • How to fill out the forms
safb basics and regulations
SAFB Basics and Regulations

To be Eligible for Funding you Must…

  • To be registered for the current academic year on GrizzOrgs and be approved by the CSA
  • To attend the mandatory Student Organization Training
  • To be in good financial standing in your SAFB and FLEX accounts
  • To have a president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary (four different officers registered)
safb basics and regulations1
SAFB Basics and Regulations

To be Eligible for Funding you Must…

  • To understand and abide by all SAFB rules and regulations
  • To understand and abide by all CSA, OU, city, state, and federal rules and regulations.
  • To understand how to use the GrizzOrgsprogram
  • To know how to apply for SAFB funding using the SAFB forms
safb basics and regulations2
SAFB Basics and Regulations

Funding Maximums

  • You can APPLY for UP TO $3000 during both Fall and Winter semesters (and $1000 during Summer semester)
  • You donot automatically receive $3000
  • You can receive up to 1/3 of your semester allotment for conference registration costs ($350 for the summer)
  • You can receive $100 for up to three hours ($300 total) for the cost of a DJ, band or speaker
    • If you co-sponsor an event, you are eligible for the total amount multiplied by the number of sponsoring orgs
  • You can receive up to ½ of your semester allotment for food or equipment costs ($1500 for the Fall and Winter semesters each and $500 for the summer semester)
safb basics regulations
SAFB Basics & Regulations

Discretionary Funds (Operational Funds)

  • SAFB has increased the discretionary funds amount from $350 to $400 for Fall and Winter semesters, and from $100 to $200 for the Summer semester.
  • You do not automatically receive $400 (or $200)
  • You must APPLY for the $400 by filling out the Discretionary Funds Form (S-2 Form)
  • Your discretionary funds are the only SAFB funds available to purchase banners or fliers
  • December 1st, April 1st, and August 1st are the deadlines to use your discretionary funds
safb basics and regulations3
SAFB Basics and Regulations


  • All SAFB paperwork must be submitted by the Monday TWO WEEKS prior to the date of the event (or date the conference registration is due)
    • Please remember that the CSA requires you to submit your contracts ONE MONTH in advance
  • All forms must be submitted to SAFB by Monday at 5:00 pm to be reviewed at the Tuesday meetings.
  • December 1st, April 1st,and August 1st are the deadlines for semester funding submissions and the deadline to use discretionary funds
safb basics and regulations4
SAFB Basics and Regulations


  • Allocation requests over $1000 require a hearing with the board. The board will notify you of when your hearing will be.
  • Post-meeting paperwork will be processed and notifications will be sent to the president and treasurer listed on the form by the Fridayof the week the allocation was reviewed.
safb basics and regulations5
SAFB Basics and Regulations


  • Giveaways/Souvenirs
  • Meetings without speakers (with the exception of one meeting per semester)
  • Fundraisers
  • Travel, lodging (air, bus, train, hotel, ground transportation, etc.) or food for conferences
  • Party planners/event planners
  • Trips to restaurants
safb basics and regulations6
SAFB Basics and Regulations


  • Gifts, presents, or graduate paraphernalia
  • Delivery of rush fees for food being ordered
  • Speakers totaling more than $300 for an event
  • Events for departments (only for student organizations)
safb basics and regulations7
SAFB Basics and Regulations

Important Reminders

  • You do not automatically receive $3000 a semester
  • You must reapply for your discretionary funds every semester
  • You must apply for each event separately
  • You are responsible for your organizations accounts and ensuring you stay in good financial standing
  • Always make a copy for yourself and give originals to the CSA when approved (You can make copies in the CSA for FREE)
  • Contracts are due to the CSA ONE MONTH in advance
  • All unused funds left in your SAFB account at the end of the semester arerescinded (not carried over)
free and open to all ou students
“Free and Open to All OU Students”
  • Please note that all events funded by SAFB must be free and open to all OU students, and state “Free and Open to All OU Students” on all flyers, banners, and other advertisements.
  • An exception to this rule is for conference registration requests, or events not funded using SAFB funding (i.e. using FLEX account funds).
safb basics and regulations8
SAFB Basics and Regulations

If You Don’t Know . . .

  • Email the SAFB chair, Brandon Hanna, at
  • Call the office at 248-370-4294
  • Visit the me during my office hours, posted on
  • Visit the new SAFB website at for more helpful information