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Save the Animals!

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Save the Animals! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Save the Animals!. Endangered Animals Web Quest Fall 2007 Leah Oser Kimberly Stadelman. Introduction. You just started working at the Akron Zoo, and they have asked you to create a new exhibit for the spring!! You have been asked to research and

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save the animals

Save the Animals!

Endangered Animals

Web Quest

Fall 2007

Leah Oser

Kimberly Stadelman



You just started working at the

Akron Zoo, and they have asked you

to create a new exhibit for the spring!!

You have been asked to research and

present to the zoo planning committee

about the animals you would like to include

in this exhibit. Only…………..


This exhibit is to be only about endangered animals!!!

Each day around the world,

there are countless animals that

are on their way to extinction.

Human activities are threatening the animal wildlife at alarming rates!!

Every 15 minutes an animal becomes extinct!!!



In order to create a popular new zoo exhibit, you must first know all about endangered animals!

1.First you will choose three of the

six endangered animals provided

and complete a short research

worksheet on each animal.

2.Second, you will take a survey to determine the most popular endangered animals You will use the data you collect to create a bar graph.

task continued

Task continued...

3. Third, you will chose one of the three animals and create a wanted poster sharing an illustration and information about why it is important to save this animal.

4. Finally, you will present your wanted poster and report to the zoo planning committee and the Wildlife Association of Ohio (your classmates).

process step 1

Process: Step 1

Go to the following link and print out three of the animal report worksheets.

Animal Worksheet

Choose 3of the following animals and click on the picture to find research on that animal.

process step 11

Process: Step 1

Complete one animal

worksheet for each of the

three animals you choose.

Draw a simple illustration in

the top box of the worksheet

to help you visually remember

the animal!!

process step 2

Process: Step 2

You will collect data from your co-workers (classmates) to find out which endangered animal is their favorite.

Go to the following link and print out the survey sheet and graph worksheet.

Endangered Animals Survey

* There are blank spaces available on the animal survey sheet that can be filled in in case a student wants to vote for an animal that is not already listed.

process step 21

Process: Step 2

Create a bar graph!!!

On the horizontal line(x-axis) will be the names of the different animals.

On the vertical line (y-axis) will be the number of students who voted for each animal.

Complete the bar graph by adding the following:

~name ~animals ~title

~color ~numbers ~labels



Great job so far!! You are halfway done!!

The animals need your help though…. Keep up the good work!!

process step 3

Process: Step 3

Your third activity will be to choose one of the animals that you have already researched in the first activity.

You will create a “Wanted” poster about your animal.

The poster will have an illustration or picture of the animal for your report.

The poster will also give important information about your animal.

process step 31

Process: Step 3

Your poster will contain the following information:

1. WANTED sign with picture

2. Name of animal

3. Where animal lives

4. What the animal eats

5. Prey of the animal

6. How many are left

7. Why is it important to save this animal?

process step 32

Process: Step 3

*The materials you need for this activity will be provided within the classroom.

You will need:




Colored Pencil

Glue/ Scissors optional

Poster Board/ Large paper

Research information

process step 33

Process: Step 3

Resource Websites:

Siberian Tiger

Komodo Dragon

Giant Panda

Snow Leopard

Sumatran Tiger

Humboldt Penguin

process task 4
Process: Task 4
  • Finally, you will need to present your information to the zoo planning committee and the Wildlife Association of Ohio.
  • Use your research, graph and poster to inform them all about endangered animals, and which animals you have chosen to include in your exhibit.
  • You will be evaluated on your completion of each part of this webquest!!
  • The rubrics can be found

on the following pages.



You have completed your first job assignment here at the Akron Zoo!!

Best of luck on your exhibit!