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Cell Phone Safety

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Cell Phone Safety
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Cell Phone Safety

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  1. Cell Phone Safety By: Hunter Ackley

  2. Abstract & Thesis • Cell phones are an important component to many peoples’ daily routine. When texting, calling, or surfing the web, the owners aren’t thinking about the issues that cell phones may cause in their lives. • Radiation, texting while driving, and bullying are complications that cause cell phones to be unsafe.

  3. Argument: Radiation • Cell phones are reaching the market without safety testing. • The industries creating the devices are expressing information to the public differently than scientists.

  4. Counterargument: Radiation • Two conclusions that these people formulated are that there is no risk or no one has been able to prove a risk.

  5. Argument: Texting and Driving • Texting is seen to be the worst distraction while driving. • There is a rising legal response because of texting and driving. • Someone who is texting while driving is 23 times more likely to crash than an undistracted driver.

  6. Counterargument: Texting and Driving • Some teenagers feel that since they can multitask in different situations, it should be easy to text and drive.

  7. Argument: Psychological Problems • Personal pictures that are sent through texting can ruin someone’s reputation and cause psychological problems. • Cell phone use has an effect on the self-esteem of people.

  8. Counterargument: Psychological Problems • Many people think that those who share personal pictures that are released to public are causing issues for themselves. • The opposing side may not accept that addiction can be caused by a cell phone.

  9. Conclusion • So many people have cell phones and aren’t expecting the negative impacts that may come along with them. The main issues related to the topic are being exposed to radiation, texting and driving, and psychological problems.

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