Is a stanford medical education affordable yes
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Is a Stanford Medical Education Affordable? Yes !.

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Is a stanford medical education affordable yes l.jpg
Is a Stanford Medical EducationAffordable? Yes !

  • Stanford Medical School offers very comprehensive, creative and unique need based and non need based financial aid package to make a Stanford education affordable to a broad range of students and to keep borrowing level as low as possible.

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How Much it costs

How much you & your parents can afford determined based:

  • Tuition

  • Room & Board

  • Living Expenses

  • Transportation

  • Misc.

  • Your and spouse’s income & Assets (if married)

  • Your parents’ Income and Assets

  • Sibling in college

Need-based Grant is determined…


How much you your parents can afford depends on l.jpg
How Much You & Your Parents Can Afford Depends On:

  • Citizenship

  • Student age (30+)*

  • Parents’ income

  • Parents’ household size

  • Parents’ & student assets

  • Age of the older parent

  • Sibling(s) in college

    *Parental information no longer required for students who are 30 years old by the first day of school.

Do i qualify for a grant depends on parents income assets l.jpg
Do I Qualify for a Grant ?Depends on parents’ income, assets…

Do i qualify l.jpg
Do I Qualify?

  • As a rough rule of thumb, the contribution from parents' income that the formula produces will range from a low of 5% to a high of 25% of all taxable and nontaxable income used in the analysis. For high income families, the percentage may go above 20%.

Need based grant l.jpg

Basic Stanford Grant

Maximum $9,200 (per quarter)*

No repayment required

Middle Income Assistance Program

Parent must match the amount awarded

Demonstrate need but receive less than $13,800 Basic Grant

Maximum $4,600 (per quarter)*

No repayment required

* Not available in research rate quarters

Need-based Grant

2009 10 need based financial aid subsidized loans l.jpg
2009-10 Need-based Financial AidSubsidized Loans

  • Perkins Loan $6,000 per year

    • 0% in school and 5% in repayment

  • Subsidized Stafford Loan $8,500 per year

    • 0% in school and 6.8% in repayment

  • Stanford University Loan $2,000 per quarter

    • 0% in school and in repayment

Beginning with the 2010-2011 academic year, Stanford Medical School will move to Direct Lending with the Department of Education. This means all Federal Stafford and Grad PLUS loans will disburse directly from the federal government.

2009 10 non need based financial aid l.jpg
2009-10 Non-need-based Financial Aid

  • Unsubsidized Stafford Loan

    • Maximum $32,000 (three quarters) and $38,667 (four quarters)

    • 6.8% in school and in repayment

    • Interest accrues while in school

  • Grad PLUS

    • Up to cost of education

    • 8.5% in school and in repayment

    • Interest accrues while in school

Other resources l.jpg

Medical Scholars Grant (Research Quarter)

Tuition $2,874

Stipend $6,600

Up to 18 units of academic credit

Teaching and Research Assistantships

Employment based

Award of tuition rebate and stipend (salary)

Other Resources

Outside scholarships l.jpg
Outside Scholarships

  • The Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarships

  • National Health Service Corps Scholarships

  • Other Outside Scholarships; HHMI, Duke, Soros, Sarnoff, Sweitzer, Fulbright, etc.

    • Outside scholarships will offset loans, not student’s or parents’ contribution

    • Stanford grant & outside scholarships may not exceed demonstrated need

    • The combination of all resources will not exceed the cost of attendance for a specific year

Required applications l.jpg
Required Applications

2009-10 FAFSA

School Code G24552

2009-10 Need Access

will be mailed

2009-10 Supplemental Application

Submit signed and dated copies of your and your parents’ 2009 Federal Tax Returns



Financial aid timeline l.jpg
Financial Aid Timeline

  • Apply for Aid (January-Early May)

  • Receive Award Letter (March- August)

  • Comply with Information Requests (June -Sept.)

  • Verification and Aid Coordination (June-Sept.)

  • Financial Aid Disbursed (Early September)

  • Re-apply for Aid (January-April Next year)

Before you begin gather records you will need l.jpg
Before You BeginGather Records You Will Need

  • W-2 forms and other records of income earned in 2009

  • 2009 federal income tax returns

  • Records of 2009 untaxed income

  • Current bank statements

  • Business and farm records

  • Current records of stocks, bonds, and other investments

Contact us l.jpg
Contact us

  • If You Have Any Questions or Need Assistance, Please Let Us Know. We Look Forward to Working With You.

    Tiffany Barone Abera Metaferia Martha Trujillo

    Financial Aid Financial aid Financial Aid

    Assistant Counselor Director

    650 723 6958 650 724 3181 650 723 6954

    [email protected] [email protected]

    For additional information visit our web site: