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Malcolm x and all that he entails PowerPoint Presentation
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Malcolm x and all that he entails

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Malcolm x and all that he entails - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Samantha Taylor, Karli Dempski, Orlando Dobbins, & Emma Willard. Malcolm x and all that he entails . Themes to be Taught . Violence Environment Cultural Identity Development Religion Civil Rights Education Legacy Relationships Pride v Humility. Romance: The Kick-Off Activity.

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Presentation Transcript
themes to be taught
Themes to be Taught
  • Violence
  • Environment
  • Cultural Identity Development
  • Religion
  • Civil Rights
  • Education
  • Legacy
  • Relationships
  • Pride v Humility
romance the kick off activity
Romance: The Kick-Off Activity
  • Watch Video:
  • How did that video make you feel?
  • What are the parts that stood out the most?
  • Do you agree or disagree with him? Why?
maybe it is my fault kick off activity v2
“Maybe it is My Fault…”Kick-Off Activity, V2
  • Watch this video:
  • Discuss what it took for Michael Jordan to become successful
  • Discuss what it takes for the students to be successful
  • Lead it into what it took for Malcolm X to be successful as a speaker and leader
quick synopsis of malcolm x
Quick Synopsis of Malcolm X
  • Born in 1925 in Omaha, NB
  • Had 3 half siblings, 4 more by his mother
  • House was burned down in Omaha by KKK- moved to Lansing
  • He was one of his dad’s favorites- took Malcolm with him to hear teachings of Marcus Garvey
  • Dad was brutally murdered by the KKK
  • Mother went crazy afterwards- admitted to mental hospital, stayed for 26 years
  • Therefore all siblings were “wards of the state” and were separated
  • Moved to Boston shortly after, where he began his “Hustlin’” stage of life
quick synopsis of malcolm x1
Quick Synopsis of Malcolm X
  • In Boston, he met Shorty and got him a shoe-shining job- introduced into hustler ways
  • After that job, he met Laura at his soda shop, which he left for a white woman named Sophia
  • He held various jobs, where he was introduced to Harlem
  • In Harlem, he meets a pimp named Sammy, which was a connection to the ghetto side of the city
  • All of his actions; burglary, pimping, dealing drugs, doing drugs, and relationship with a white woman put him in jail for 10 years.
quick synopsis of malcolm x2
Quick Synopsis of Malcolm X
  • Went to prison for stealing
  • First few years were rough, named “Satan”
  • Bimbi- first person to introduced him to reading
  • Introduced to Nation of Islam- Philbert wrote him a letter
  • Transferred to new prison with bigger library
  • Got out of prison- met Elijah Muhammad
quick synopsis of malcolm x3
Quick Synopsis of Malcolm X
  • He grew up in popularity and became a well known public figure
  • Begin making trips in name of Mr. Muhammad
  • Elijah Muhammad grew jealous of his popularity
  • Muhammad’s adultery rumors surfaced, statement on JFK’s death, silenced Malcolm for 90 days
  • Assassination plot split him from the NOI
  • Went to Mecca (financed by Ella) stopping at several countries on the trip, came back with a new name
  • Organization of Afro-American Unity (Form of Muslim Mosque, Inc)
  • Knew that death was very apparent
  • Book is for social action and understanding
before they were stan constructivist theory
Before They Were (Stan & Constructivist Theory)
  • “How did Malcolm X’s early life affect his actions later on?”
  • Five events were selected with quotes on the events
  • After that, they answer if any of his events sound similar to their own lives in a short essay
ex convict discrimination ct
Ex- Convict Discrimination (CT)
  • Talk about the facts of discrimination against ex-convicts
  • Students broken into 5 different groups:
    • Criminal Justice Activist
    • Neighborhood Residents
    • Employers and Business Leaders
    • Law Enforcement Officials
    • Formerly incarcerated people
  • Do research on given perspective and prepare a debate
  • After debate, they discuss and write a paper on whether or not the “box on job applications” should be banned or not
words and layers stan
Words and Layers (Stan)
  • Watch a video of Malcolm X being interviewed
  • Asked questions like:
    • Who is the audience?
    • How did you feel listening to this clip?
    • Etc.
  • Follow up by reading one of his famous speeches
fisher of men
Fisher of Men!
  • Split into 4 religious groups
    • Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Nation of Islam
  • Prepare a presentation to concert other students into believers
  • Can be done in a creative format
2 sides stan constructivist theory
2 Sides Stan & Constructivist Theory)
  • Given a chart for them to fill in positives and negatives
  • After filling in the chart, the students can decide for themselves if he was good or bad
  • Also allows them to make their own connections to the figure
so similar yet so different cth
So Similar, Yet So Different (CTH)
  • Given quotes from both Martin Luther King Jr. and from Malcolm X
  • The students pull out the important parts of the quotes that enforce what the figure stood for.
  • Using their new knowledge on him they answer questions comparing them both