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Being Young Today

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Being Young Today. The perspective of an almost young MP Jacinda Ardern, Labour MP. “In my beginning is my end”. Experiences as a student Experiences as a student leader Experiences as a politician. The beginning for Gen Y. Definition? Characteristics E generation Communicators

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being young today

Being Young Today

The perspective of an almost young MP

Jacinda Ardern, Labour MP

in my beginning is my end
“In my beginning is my end”

Experiences as a student

Experiences as a student leader

Experiences as a politician

the beginning for gen y
The beginning for Gen Y
  • Definition?
  • Characteristics
    • E generation
    • Communicators
    • Resilient
    • Extended ‘adult-escence’
    • Beginning is in their now
the e generation
The E Generation
  • “Voracious consumers of electronic media”
  • 1/3 of their lives are spent online
  • 1/3 website primary source news
  • 50% read blogs
the communicators
The Communicators
  • 70% have Facebook accounts
  • Almost all owned computers and cell phone
  • In touch with parents frequently
  • 50% wanted to spend more time with their families
  • Assumptions about Gen Y
  • Social Researcher Hugh Mackey calls Gen Y “nimble, flexible and adaptable”
adult escense
  • 82% rank recession an issue for most
  • “High tolerance of debt”
  • Perspective of baby boomer
their beginning is their now
Their beginning is their now
  • Youth Justice
  • Characteristics
what does this mean for education
What does this mean for Education?
  • Skills
  • Opportunities
  • Discipline


skills for gen y
Skills for Gen Y
  • “Getting information today is like drinking from a fire hydrant”
  • Learning to be critical
  • Ghandi experience (knowledge is contested)
  • Mandela experience (learning/understanding perspective)
opportunities for gen y
Opportunities for Gen Y
  • Leadership opportunities (democratisation via the internet)
  • Giving young people a voice
    • Skate park syndrome
    • Two stars and a wish model
  • “Autonomy leads to dignity”
  • Don’t have all answers
  • Schools as Community Halls
  • Giving back tools
“In our beginning is our end

In our end is our beginning”

- T.S Eliot


Challenge Questions

  • Are we reflecting the changing world in our education system?
  • Does more autonomy lead to more dignity and success or chaos?
  • How do we balance teaching young people to be critical without being cynical?