Bro.  Matt Schumacher was
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Bro. Matt Schumacher was truly God-sent this past week. The Young People that

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Bro. Matt Schumacher was

truly God-sent this past week.

The Young People that

attended the Services (as well

as Adults) were blessed

message after message. We

pray that God accomplished His good will and purpose. We saw several young people open their hearts to Christ. We thank those that had a burden to invite friends. After each service there was a time of fellowship and refreshments. Saturday’s Service started at 6pm then from 8pm to 10pm they enjoyed a pizza party and a good game of Volley ball and Basketball at Harlandale Gym. Our prayer is that God started a fire in their hearts to where we can see this youthful force on fire for God. Thank you Young People for your dedication to the Lord.


Thank you for being with us on this Sunday. Today is

and we are happy to

welcome all the

Youth in our services

today. May you receive a blessing during today’s Services and decide to come again.

Gracias porestar con nosotros en este dia. Hoy celebramos la Juventud de nuestraIglesia y damos gracias a todos los Jovenesquedecidieronestar en la Casa de Dios. Bienvenidos a TODOS.

Tonight’s Service will be led by the Young People and we, Parents and Congregation, will rejoice together with them. We are anticipating a great service this evening. Bro. Caleb will be bringing the message this evening. Let’s all be here on time at 6pm.

El Servicio de estanoche sera dirijidopor los Jovenes. Estemostodosaqui a las 6pm paradarlesnuestroapoyo.

Remember - - - all our services are

transmitted LIVE on

Under “Puerta La Hermosa”

(Beautiful Gate Baptist Church)

El Domingo pasado . . .

  • Asistenciacerca de 350

  • $2,140.00 entraronpara Misiones

  • TuvimosbuenosMensajes y personas querespondieron al llamado al Altar.

  • Yaque el verano ha pasado, todosestan de regreso a la rutina de la Escuela y trabajos. Con todos los planes que yea estanhechosdesdeahora hasta el fin del año, esperamosver mas crecimiento, edificacion y unidad y oramosqueestotraigaunadiferenciabienmarcada en nuestraIglesia. Unamonostodospara el bien de la Obra del Señor.

We will be having


Every Sunday at 5:30pm.

Please adjust your schedules

As needed to be a part of the

Youth Group Activities. More activities will be scheduled as the weeks go by. Thank you to everyone who makes an effort to be here at 5:30pm.

Fidel Hernandez Jr. (9/12)

Janie Miranda (9/12)

Enrique Juarez (9/20)

Aily Alvarez (9/20)

Stephanie Ibarra (9/20)

Daniela Juarez (9/21)

Heber Hernandez (9/21)

Juan Sifuentes (9/21)

JosiasBermea (9/21)

Recuerdenque el Proximo Domingo, Sept. 22 tendremos

Una Comida paratodos los Adultos de 60 añosparaarriba.

Thank you to all the Faithful Missionary Offering givers. Bro. Matt Schumacher was

God will bless your Faithfulness.

Gracias a todos los Fieles con suPromesa de Fe para Misiones. Esperenrecibirgrandesbendicionesporsufidelidad.

Felicidades al Hno. Joe Martinez y la Iglesia Bautista Ebenezer por la celebracion de suConferenciaMisionera y la Celebracion de su 21 Aniversario. NuestroHno. Roy Carrizalesestuvoaquiparaparticipar en la celebracion la semanapasada.

PLH Online Radio

24 Hours – Music and

Annoucements coming to you from Puerta La Hermosa.

You can click on the link on our Website:

You can also download an App for your Smartphone from the Google Playstore. (It is only available on Android phones at this time – soon will be available on Iphones.) You can listen to the Online Radio Station from your Ipads as well.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Templo Bautista “Puerta La Hermosa”

Beautiful Gate Baptist Church

4023 Pleasanton Road, San Antonio, Texas 78221


Email: [email protected]

Mañana, 16 de Septiembre, un año mas de celebracion de la

Independencia de Mexico. Saludos a toda la Hermandad Mexicana y que Dios, en sumisericordia, cambie la situacionqueahora la embarga.

Pastor: Rev. Joe G. Carrizales

Associate Pastor: Rev. Caleb G. Carrizales || Asst. Pastor: Rev. Jesse M. Valdez