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Genesis chapter 43-44

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Genesis chapter 43-44 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Genesis chapter 43-44. Leaving to Egypt. Israel told Judah to go back and get more good from Egypt because there was a famine, and supply had run out. The sons of Israel (except Benjamin) left to Egypt with gifts: balsa,, syrup, gum, laudanum, and nuts. Joseph & the slave.

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leaving to egypt
Leaving to Egypt

Israel told Judah to go back and get more good from Egypt because there was a famine, and supply had run out.

The sons of Israel (except Benjamin) left to Egypt with gifts: balsa,, syrup, gum, laudanum, and nuts.

joseph the slave
Joseph & the slave
  • Joseph tells his servant to bring the men into the house, and have an animal slaughtered and made ready because they were supposed to dine with him that night when they arrive in Egypt.
  • The servant talks with the brothers about the money found in their bag from the last journey he says, “ Be calm have no fear, your God, the God of your fathers, put treasure in your sacs for you, I received your money.”
joseph see s benjamin
Joseph see’s Benjamin
  • Joseph’s reaction when he saw Benjamin was “So this is your youngest brother, of whom you spoke to me? God be gracious to you my son.” And he was on the verge of tears, and he left and cried.
  • Benjamin’s portion of the table was so special because his portion was five times as much as any others.
5 senses
5 Senses

Literal Sense: God blesses Israel’s sons with money, because they need it to buy food.

Moral Sense: Even throughout the famine, Israel still trusts that God will provide his family with food.

Allegorical Sense: When Jesus was sold over to the Romans by Judas, he still ate at the last supper with him, and blessed him as much as the other apostles.

Anagogical Sense: We have to keep trust that god will provide even when it seems like everything is falling apart.

scripture quote for genesis chapter 43
Scripture Quote for Genesis chapter 43

“When Joseph came home, they presented him with the gifts they and with them in the house, and prostrated themselves before him. ‘Is your father, the old man of whom you spoke in good health, is he still living?’ asked Joseph. (Genesis 43:26-27)

gen 44
Gen: 44
  • Joseph gave his servant instructions to fill the men’s sacks with food and money, but in the youngest bag put my silver cup along with money for grain.
  • As soon as the brothers left Joseph told his servant to go after them and ask why they stole the silver cup.
  • The brothers were falsely accused of stealing the silver cup.
  • In Benjamin’s bag the precious silver cup was found.
  • Benjamin had to pay a price for his alleged crime; it was he had to serve Joseph as his slave.
  • Judah tries to persuade Joseph to let them take Benjamin home because Israel will die if he sees that Benjamin is not with him.
  • Judah volunteers to stay as a servant instead of Benjamin.

Literal Sense: Joseph falsely accuses the brothers of stealing his silver cup.

Moral sense: There is always a consequence for your actions, even if you have done nothing wrong and are falsely accused like Benjamin.

Allegorical Sense: Jesus was accused of heresy because he healed on the Sabbath day, when he was actually doing God’s work.

Anagogical Sense: Benjamin is going to serve Joseph for his wrong doings, just like we should pay for whatever sins we have committed.