chapter 43
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chapter 43
The sick girl opened her eyes and stared at him with a strange expression . No one who knew the Franciscan had suspected in him such tender feelings, no one had believed that under his rude and rough exterior there might beat a heart. Unable to go on, he withdrew from the girl’s side , weeping like a child, and went outside under the favorite vines of mariaclara’s balcony to give free rein to his grief .


When he had become somewhat calm again \donavictorina introduced Linares, who approached him respectfully. Fray Damaso silently looked him over from head to foot, took the letter offered and read it, but apparently without understanding, for he asked .

‘how he loves his goddaughter! Thought all present, while fray salvi gazed at him motionlessly and in silnce, lightly gnawing his lips the while.


Had suffered a relapse , and in her delirium she uttered only the name of the mother whom she had never known. But her girl friends, her father, and her aunt kept watch at her side. Offerings and alms were sent to all the miraculous images

Dona victorina was so pleased with her husband that ine day when he stepped on the trian of her grown she did not apply her penal code to the extent of taking his set of false teeth away from him, but contented herself with merely exclaiming, an article of apparel she did not wear.

, Capitan Tiago vowed a gold cane to the virgin of Antipolo, and at length the fever began to subside slowly and regularly.

Doctor de Espadana was astonished at the virtues of the ayrup marshmallow and the infusion of lichen, prescriptions that he had not varied

One afternoon while sinang and Victoria were visiting their friend, the curate, capitan Tiago, and Dona Victorina’s family were conversing over thie lunch in the dining-room.