2010 fifa world cup south africa western province regional task team april 2010 n.
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2010 FIFA World Cup - South Africa Western Province Regional Task Team April 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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2010 FIFA World Cup - South Africa Western Province Regional Task Team April 2010

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2010 FIFA World Cup - South Africa Western Province Regional Task Team April 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2010 FIFA World Cup - South Africa Western Province Regional Task Team April 2010
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  1. 2010 FIFA World Cup - South AfricaWestern Province Regional Task TeamApril 2010

  2. 2010 FIFA World Cup – WP RTTGeneral Comments • The WP RTT met on 25 March 2010 to discuss progress on deliverables and status of infrastructure projects. • Good attendance except from WC Provincial Administration and the other Munics (Winelands, West Coast, Overberg, Central Karoo & Eden). Time constraints to be the reason. • Main Items for discussion was: • Host City update. • Eskom Supply update

  3. 2010 FIFA World Cup – WP RTT Feedback :Host City update • Stadium: • Operator: Sail Stadefrance Operating Company. • Supplied from Mouille Point Substation with 2 x 50MVA transformers; Stadium requires max 10 MVA. • Stadium will run on grid, back-up with 2 x 2MVA Standby Generators. LOC has not confirmed the rental of 4 x 500kVA gensets for additional back-up; • Flood Lighting supply (required 870kW): 1 MVA Rotary UPS with 1MVA Standby Generator with grid back-up; • Precinct: • Supplies to various connection points almost complete; • Delays due to LOC’s late changes to the requirements

  4. 2010 FIFA World Cup – WP RTTFeedback :Host City update • FIFA Fan Fest (Grand Parade) • To be supplied by 2 x 800kVA minisubs from the grid with generator back-up; • Operator: Grand World View; responsible for: • Installation, maintenance and management of the internal reticulation, public & flood lighting network; • Supply, installation and operations of the back-up generators for screens, lighting, VOC, PA systems, emergency requirements, etc.. • PVAs • Four PVAs (indoor stadiums): • Athlone Civic (Operator: ZA Fan Zone) • Swartklip Sport Complex: (Operator: ZA Fan Zone) • Bellville Velodrome: (Operator: ESP Afrika) • Oliver Tambo (Operator: ZA Fan Zone) • Firm grid supply; operators to provide generator back-up for OSHact requirements.

  5. 2010 FIFA World Cup – WP RTTFeedback :Host City update • Training Venues: • Athlone Stadium: Firm grid supply. Back-up generator to be procured. • Philippi Stadium: (Responsibility of WC Prov Admin) • Newlands Stadium: Firm grid supply and back-up. • Fan Walk • Existing supply points along route will suffice. • Public Lighting getting special attention. • FIFA Hotels: • FIFA HQ: Westin Grand (next to CTICC). • Training Venue Hotels: Southern Sun & The Vineyard. • Hotels has firm supply with self sufficient back-up generation.

  6. 2010 FIFA World Cup – WP RTT Feedback :Host City update • Test Events • Event 1: The Soccer Festival(Santos & Ajax): Held on 23 January 2010: Attendance: 20 000 • Event 2: The Rugby Festival(Stormers vs Boland Inv XV): Held on 6 February 2010: Attendance: 40 000 • Event 3: Global Day of Prayer(Angus Buchan) Held on 22 March 2010: Attendance: 44 000. • Event 4: Cape Town International Challenge(U21 soccer event: Ghana vs Nigeria & South Africa vs Brazil) To be held on 10 April 2010: Expected attendance: 60 000

  7. 2010 FIFA World Cup – WP RTTFeedback :Eskom Supply update • Acacia Substation (Eskom supply to the City) • 3rd Transformer for firm supply to be commissioned by the end of May 2010. • Tafelbaai Substation (Eskom supply to Stadium) • Formally opened: 18 March 2010 • Eskom Security at key points: • Eskom Regional security plan compiled and in execution, with input from Transmission; • Five key Substations with 24 hour guards by Eskom security • Twelve secondary Substations to be surveyed daily by Eskom security; • Eight Critical feeders to be patrolled by Eskom security regularly.

  8. 2010 FIFA World Cup – WP RTTFeedback :Eskom Supply update • Emergency Response Plans for Acacia and Tafelbaai under review. • Identification of supply points to other munics completed. • Updating of load shedding schedules in progress for communication to stakeholders.

  9. 2010 FIFA World Cup – WP RTT Communications Alignment • Centre of Control: • Host City’s Network Control JOC and Eskom WC RJCC. • Interfacing with • 2010 Host City JOC (Disaster Risk Management Centre) • VOCs • Eskom & CoCT Operations • Eskom National Control • Method of Communications: • Radio, telephone, electronic medium. (All radio repeater stations 3 days back-up power supply). • General • Full test of integration between Eskom and Host City during Final Draw. • Alignment between Network Controls of Host City and Eskom confirmed. • Eskom communications exercise on 12 March 2010. • Host City’s test events provided testing ground for internal communications. • Host City’s representation in Prov JOC and City JOC still under evaluation.

  10. 2010 FIFA World Cup – WP RTTOperational Readiness Staffing The extent of existing vacancies in the Host City and the filling there-of is a current risk. Support from other Electricity depts. will be considered. Deferment of all leave between 31 May and 30 July 2010. Resource Planning: Core/critical Operational staff has been identified and will be placed on emergency mode during event with standby schedules. Reaction units / teams to be deployed on match days in close proximity to the Stadium, Grand Parade Fan Fest and PVAs. Standby staff to field network supply problems. Accreditation Accreditation for staff, contractors, vehicles, are in process to ensure unrestricted movement into key areas for repairs and support. Test events exposed problem areas that will be addressed through Host City’s Safety & Security and Stadium Operator.

  11. 2010 FIFA World Cup – WP RTTOperational Readiness Deferment of maintenance and capital works No planned maintenance on key networks from 28 May 2010 till 12 July 2010. Ensure maintenance is done on key networks and equipment by end April 2010. Efforts to limit capital works and excavation near key networks between 1 June and 12 July 2010. Stock levels of spares/equipment are in the process to be verified & secured. Security Key substations and O/H HT lines will be secured through formal security arrangements. Emergency response plans to be checked and tested by end April 2010. Cross check between Host City & Eskom on network contingencies to be arranged by end of April 2010. Host City’s Electricity Disaster Risk Management Plan for 2010 event completed and delivered to DRMC.

  12. 2010 FIFA World Cup – WP RTTOperational Readiness Load Shedding Eskom’s assurance: supplies to the Stadium, Fan Fest and PVAs will be excluded from planned load shedding during times when matches are played. UFLS (Under frequency load shedding) Problems on Eskom grid could result in under frequency risk. Automatic load shedding in Cape Town will occur in four stages. The priority order of these stages can be changed by CoCT Network Control. Feeders with a low priority number will be selected first. The feeders supplying the Stadium, Fan Fest and PVA’s will be set at the highest priority for the duration of the World Cup. UFLS profiles will be updated by end of May 2010

  13. 2010 FIFA World Cup – WP RTTMain Risks and Mitigations K