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BECOME RESPECTABLE. G.Y. SUHAS Head HR, IR & Admin L&T – KOMATSU LIMITED Bangalore Works Bellary Road, Byatarayanapura , Bangalore – 560 092 Mobile No. : 9740111889 Email:

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Head HR, IR & Admin


Bangalore Works

Bellary Road, Byatarayanapura,

Bangalore – 560 092

Mobile No. : 9740111889



When we meet Guruji we respect him with folded hands. There are least paid and least known people in this world and yet we respect them most. Respect doesn't come any more with money and titles. As we grow up we wrongly learn to respect only those who are on the top. We respect people on basis of the position they occupy, the wealth they possess and the number of people they command. But respecting a position not a person is hypocritical.


Respect – Relationship

We must respect people because they are capable of doing wonders. Respect is not a relationship between a superior and an inferior. It is the relationship between equals who are guided by integrity and truthfulness. Respect flourishes in a democratic and friendly set up. Respect comes when we keep people first not their material possessions and positions.

Respect every individual

Every individual is special and he is worthy of our respect. From the gatekeeper to the CEO, every one is important in an organisation. Their contributions may be different as people and their talents are different but we must respect people for their unique contributions.


Fruits of respecting others

1. It enhances our self-respect

When we respect others our own self worth and image enhances. We become people with self-respect. We become better persons by respecting others. We are the winners when we begin to respect and show regards to others. One who dwells in mud and throws mud at all others is a pig. When we respect others we become people of character and will power. These two are essential to succeed in life.


2. It enhances our efficiency

When everyone in an organisation begins to respect his colleagues, subordinates and customers, the organisation becomes a pleasant home where everyone has a sense of belonging. In such an atmosphere an individual's productivity becomes maximum. There is no time for politics, ill will, gossips and conflicts. There is appreciation, respect and good will for each other.


3. It builds up our talents

Respecting others helps us to build up our talents. We become aware of our strengths and weakness, opportunities and threats and become competent in our activities. We must respect not only those who matter but even the smallest, the humblest worker and it will help him to identify and build up his strengths.


4. It enhances our happiness

When we respect others we become happy and contented. Contentment and joy are the fruits of giving or not of receiving. We must give up our galloping nature and develop a generous nature and this will make us admirable. Become contented with what we have. It will change our perception and mindset about people and things. We will see happiness everywhere and will become positive and healthy in the process.



1. Good behaviour

Respect is a `sense of worth or excellence of a person'. It does not depend on the position we occupy, the wealth we possess, the number of people we command; it doesn't depend on our age, size or colour. Our job gives us authority but our behaviour gives us respect. So behave well if you want respect. If we are effective and efficient in what we do and how we behave we become trusted brands and this builds trust and respect in others.


2. Become friendly

To build loyalty and respect we need to become friendly with people. Respect comes when there is friendship. We need to develop in us qualities of the heart. Fear brings in false respect. Once people become our friends and respect us then they will forgive our small mistakes. For this we must develop in us positive and friendly attitudes.


3. Do some good deeds

Respect is something that can't be demanded or bought. It is earned through good actions. Seek every opportunity to serve others. We honour and respect people who give and who make the lives of others better. Giving is the highest level of living and only those who give selflessly are respected.


4. Listen

One of the ways to get respect and give respect to people is to listen to them. Often we are so busy with our targets and profits that we count people only as a means of production. When they are respected and listened to they contribute more.


5. Responsibility brings respect

Responsible, accountable and committed people are respected. They are committed to their duties and never blame others for their failures. They enjoy risks, challenges and working with people. They give credit to others and willingly take blame when things go wrong.


6. Become humble

Accept that you don't know what you don't know. People respect humans and are scared of super-humans. Also thank people for the help they give you. Acknowledge and appreciate others. Show others that you are worthy of respect and they will soon shower you with respect.