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Disgrace J.M. Coetzee. By: Mike Swan. Purpose. The gist of Disgrace is to show that no matter what obstacles we meet (racial, sexual, relational) life will continue.

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Disgrace j m coetzee

DisgraceJ.M. Coetzee

By: Mike Swan


  • The gist of Disgrace is to show that no matter what obstacles we meet (racial, sexual, relational) life will continue.

  • Although the world is constantly changing (in areas such as: race, animal treatment, family relations, and reputations) knowledge and love can help us overcome.

  • Death is an imminent and constant part of life that we should be aware of in our daily life.

Themes of disgrace
Themes of Disgrace

  • Sexuality

  • Race

  • Rape

  • Justice

  • Animal Treatment

  • Family Relations

  • Reputations

  • Knowledge

Quote 1 for themes
Quote 1 For Themes

  • “They came to do something else as well…after they did what they did, you cannot expect Lucy to go on with her life as before.” (119) –Rape

  • David talking to Petrus about what the men did to Lucy.

Quote 2 for themes
Quote 2 for Themes

  • “He is convinced the dogs know their time has come…they flatten their ears, they droop their tails, as if they too feel the disgrace of dying.” (143) –Animal Treatment

  • Although David never had much love for animals, working at the clinic helps him show more compassion.

Quote 3 for themes
Quote 3 for Themes

  • “Helen is a large, sad-looking woman… he has never been able to understand what Lucy sees in her; privately he wishes Lucy would find, or be found by, someone better.” (60) –Sexuality

  • It is inferred that Lucy is a lesbian considering Helen and her lived together so long.

Quote 4 for themes
Quote 4 for Themes

  • “I cannot be a child for ever. You cannot be a father fore ever. I know you mean well, but you are not the guide I need, not at this time.” (161) –Family Relations

  • David and Lucy’s relationship is not typical of a father and daughter; however, it shows their unique relationship.

Quote 5 for themes
Quote 5 for Themes

  • “Your inquiry, your inquest, whatever you call it. I heard you didn’t perform well.” (188) –Reputations

  • David’s reputation is ruined after the affair with Melanie, but he doesn’t seem to care and still feels fine with himself.


  • The audience for Disgrace are most likely older, mature people who are dealing with life’s obstacles personally.

  • The style of Disgrace is very dark, frank narrative prose work, mainly in first person

  • I would give the book three stars out of five stars

J m coetzee
J.M. Coetzee

  • Born 1940 in Cape Town

  • Served in WWII for South Africa in Italy

  • Won Booker Prize- 1999

  • Won Nobel Prize in Literature- 2003

  • Began fiction in 1969

  • Taught in U.S. frequently

  • Emigrated to Australia in 2003

Personal connection
Personal Connection

  • I felt a connection to how Lucy remains on her farm is like when I remained in Santiago.

  • We both went some bad times, which was enough reason to pick up and start over again

  • However we stayed our course and didn’t let anything bring us down

Thank you

Thank You

..I hope you enjoyed my report..