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Punctuation Marks

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Punctuation Marks. Do Now #4 What do you use hyphens, dashes, brackets, and semicolons for? Today ’ s Objective : Given a PPT presentation , students will apply their knowledge of punctuation marks by taking notes, Reader ’ s Workshop, and working collaboratively with 90% accuracy.

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punctuation marks
Punctuation Marks

Do Now #4

What do you use hyphens, dashes, brackets, and semicolons for?

Today’s Objective:

Givena PPT presentation, students will apply their knowledge of punctuation marks by taking notes, Reader’s Workshop, and working collaboratively with 90% accuracy.

Today’s Standards:

WOC 1.3: Identify hyphens, dashes, brackets, and semicolons and use them correctly.

  • Review homework
  • Notes on Punctuation
  • Reader’s Workshop
  • Stations:

Independent: Acheive3000

Collaborative: Foldable on Punctuation

Exit Slip

punctuation marks1
Punctuation Marks
  • A dash shows a change in thought
    • Example: I thought we should celebrate first−−a good idea, if you ask me−− but my parents didn’t agree.
  • A hyphenis used to divide a word at the end of line, and with prefixes such as ex-, self-, and all-
    • Example: She is my ex-girlfriend.
reader s workshop punctuation marks
Reader’s Workshop:Punctuation Marks
  • As you are reading today, try to find a dash or hyphen being used and write it down in your notebook.
  • If you can not find a dash or hyphen being used, create one using a sentence or sentences from your reading book.
  • We will now be reading independently. Remember, reading is thinking, so we must remain silent during this time.
  • Log in to www.TeenBiz.com and complete one to two articles with at least 75% accuracy.
  • Early finishers?
  • - Complete any missing work
  • - Read your Reader’s Workshop
  • book
  • Go to an approved website and complete any activity related to English
  • :
  • Complete exercise 59 on page 465 in the W+G textbook
  • Begin the four part paper on types of punctuation
  • Early finishers?
  • -Complete any missing work
  • -Read your Reader’s Workshop book

Independent Collaborative

exit slip
Exit Slip
  • Write your name, the date, and the period on a sheet or half sheet of paper
  • Correct the following sentences using hyphens or dashes:
    • I wanted to play the drums a very loud instrument but my parents told me I couldn’t.

2. The ex mayor of the town showed up at the all

star celebration.

punctuation marks2
Punctuation Marks
  • A semicolon is used to connect independent clauses not joined by conjunctions.
    • Example: We decided to go to the movie tonight; however, Jenny wont be able to join us.
  • Brackets help explain parts of a quotation or when a word is changed for clarity
    • Example: Fourscore and seven years ago [87 years ago]