welcome to payne junior high school n.
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Welcome to Payne Junior High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Payne Junior High School

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Welcome to Payne Junior High School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Payne Junior High School
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  1. PROJECT LEAD THE WAY Welcome toPayne Junior High School 8th Grade Course Mr. Nedow Room B9

  2. Who is Mr. Nedow? • Native to Michigan • Graduated from Central Michigan University & Northern Arizona Univ. • Teaching in Chandler since 2005 • Have a wife (Angie) son (Cole) and daughter (Corrine) • Coach Boys Basketball • Coach Lego/Vex Robotics Team

  3. Student Expectations and Grading • Materials (1” 3 Ring Binder, Pencils, & Flash Drive) • Grading is based on total points received on all homework, projects & class work

  4. PLTW Curriculum Flight and Space • Students study the history of aerospace through hands-on activities, research and a presentation in the form of an infomercial. Students explore the science behind aeronautics and use their knowledge to design, build and test a model glider. Simulation software is used to expose students to traveling and living in space. 

  5. Energy and the Environment: • Students investigate the importance of energy in our lives and the impact that using energy has on the environment. They design and model alternative energy sources and participate in energy fairs to demonstrate energy concepts and innovative ideas. Students evaluate ways to reduce energy consumption through energy efficiency and waste management techniques.

  6. Electronics • Through hands-on projects, students explore the science of electricity, the behavior and parts of atoms, circuit design and sensing devices. Students acquire knowledge and skills in basic circuitry design and explore the impact of electricity on our lives.

  7. QUESTIONS? • Have A Wonderful Evening And Thank You For Coming To The PJHS Open House!! • DON’T FORGET APPLES FOR TEACHERS ON FRONT DOOR!!