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ITI 2014 Presenter Orientation. Mission and Vision. Mission : Dorchester School District Two leading the way, every student, every day through relationships, rigor and relevance .

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Iti 2014 presenter orientation

ITI 2014Presenter Orientation

Mission and vision
Mission and Vision

  • Mission:Dorchester School District Two leading the way, every student, every day through relationships, rigor and relevance.

  • Vision:Dorchester School District Two desires to be recognized as a “World Class” school district, expecting each student to achieve at his/her optimum level in all areas, and providing all members of our district family with an environment that permits them to do their personal best.

Orientation purpose
Orientation Purpose

  • To communicate goals, expectations, and logistics of presentations

  • To share tips relative to adult learners to ensure a successful presentation

Purpose of iti
Purpose of ITI

  • The Instructional Technology Institute is a district-wide professional development conference for educators in Dorchester School District Two.

  • The overall goal of ITI is to raise the bar and address the integration of technology in education that will provide opportunities for educators to enhance their craft as a means to accomplish the mission and vision of the school district.

General information
General Information

  • Location: Ashley Ridge High School

  • Dates: Wednesday, July 23 and Thursday, July 24

  • Time: 7:45 a.m.- 3:30 p.m

  • Presentation Length: 60 minutes

  • Handouts: Bring appropriate number of copies for attendees

  • Presentation Uploads: Upload your presentation to the ITI course folder by July 11th

Presentation format
Presentation Format

  • Use the presentation template that is provided to include the following:

    • Title Slide with Presenter Names

    • District Mission and Vision

    • Contact information

    • ITI sponsors

Communicating with registrants
Communicating with Registrants

  • Please communicate with your registrants

  • Communicate through ERO

    • Thank them for registering for the session

    • Let them know you are looking forward to the session

    • Provide instructions they need in advance

    • Make a minimum of two contacts:

      • Between May 30-June 3

      • Between July 20-22

Ero communication instructions
ERO Communication Instructions

  • Log-In to ERO

Iti 2014 presenter orientation

1. Click Search

2. Click Search Again: ***You will see a listing of all the courses you are assigned to as an instructor.

Iti 2014 presenter orientation

3. Click on COURSE TITLE:

You will see a listing of all the sessions for the course you are assigned to as an instructor.

Iti 2014 presenter orientation

3. Click on an SRN:

You will see all the information for the course and session, including the registrants.

Ero communication instructions1
ERO Communication Instructions

Click Attendance/Email

The day of the event
The Day of the Event

  • Professional Dress

  • Check in at the Presenter Table between 7:30-8:00 A.M. and pick up packet

    • Name tag, session attendance sheet, map with session locations, and other materials

  • If you need assistance:

    • Step outside the room and flag down the nearest ITI Conference staff member. There will be staff checking every room to assist with connecting equipment and make sure everything works properly.

    • Have a backup plan if technology fails

Day of the event continued
Day of the Event, continued

  • Call your room to attention at the designated workshop start time.

  • Make sure to introduce all presenters and the title of the workshop.

  • Be flexible- people will drop in and out of the presentation room throughout your workshop.

  • Make sure attendees sign the Session Attendance Sheet.

At the end of your session
At the end of your session

  • Wrap up your workshop at the designated ending time.

  • If conversation continues, invite those individuals to join you outside the room.

  • Clean up your materials and return the room back to its original condition, including chair arrangements.

  • Return Session Sign In Sheets and Presenter Packets to registration table.

  • Make sure you have uploaded your presentation to your ITI course folder.

To ensure a successful experience
To ensure a successful experience:

  • Speak in your own voice.

  • Don’t speak too much.

  • Share your passion.

  • Be sensitive to your audience.

  • Listen responsively.

  • Have a sense of humor.

  • An image speaks a thousand words.

  • Inspire the participants.

  • Encourage reflection.

  • Be humble.

Presenting to adults
Presenting to Adults

  • Be prepared and flexible

  • Quality over quantity (less is more)

  • Active engagement (limit the lecture)

  • Allow for collaboration to complete a task or problem solve

  • Know your audience: grade levels/subjects, etc.

  • EDI strategies work with adults, too!

    • APK, model, guided practice

    • Independent practice, CFU, closure

Conference updates
Conference Updates

ITI Webpage

Contact information
Contact Information

Dr. Kenneth Wilson

Director of Staff Development & Teacher Evaluation

843-873-2901 ext. 3042 (office)

843-701-2516 (cell)

Shelly Bostwick

Curriculum/Web Technologies Facilitator

843-873-2901 ext. 3071 (office)

843-860-3635 (cell)