California common core state standards
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CAlifornia Common CORE state standards. H i st o r y o f CCSS. Nat i o n a l S tate G o ve r n ors A ss oc i a ti on C o un c il of Ch i e f S tate S c h oo l O ff i c e rs

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California common core state standards
CAlifornia Common CORE state standards

H i st o r y o f ccss
Historyof CCSS

  • NationalStateGovernorsAssociation

  • Councilof Chief StateSchoolOfficers

  • Workgroupsandfeedbackgroupscomposedofrepresentativesfromhighereducation,K–12 education,businesscommunity,researchers,civil rightsgroups,andthestates.

    • Ensurestudentshaveaseamlesstransitionfromhighschooltocollege.

    • Buildsonthestandards-basedprocess.

O v erarchi n g g oa l s for k 12 c cs s
OverarchingGoalsfor K-12CCSS

  • Ensure thatourstudentsare:

    • Meetingcollegeandworkexpectations.

    • Preparedtosucceedinour globaleconomyand society.

    • Providedavisionofwhatitmeanstobeanacademicallyliteratepersoninthe21stcentury.

    • Providedwithrigorouscontentandapplicationsof higher knowledge through higher-order thinking skills.

  • Provide aconsistent,clear understandingofwhat studentsareexpectedtolearn.

    • Enablesteachersand parentstoknowwhattodo tohelp.

Wh i c h stat e s h ave a d o pt e d


Ca lif o r n i a a d o pt i o n
California Adoption

"TheCaliforniaCommonCoreState Standards(CCSS)wereadoptedbythe CaliforniaStateBoardofEducationonAugust2,2010, followingrigorous reviewandaugmentationbythe CaliforniaAcademicContentStandards Commission." (O'Connell,2010)

Bus i ness supp o r t

  • “Statebystateadoptionofthesestandardsisanimportantsteptowardsmaintaining ourcountry’scompetitiveedge…willbebetterpreparedto facethechallengesofthe internationalmarketplace.”

  • -EdwardB.RustJr.,Chairmanand CEO,StateFarmInsuranceCompanies

  • “America needsto remain globallycompetitive. This voluntary state-leadeffortwill helpensurethatallstudentscanreceivethecollegeand career ready, world-classeducationthey deserve,nomatterwheretheylive.”

  • CraigBarrett, Former CEO andChairmanoftheBoard,IntelCorporation

Wh a t do em p l o y e r s w a n t

  • Problem-SolvingSkills

  • QuickLearners

  • AbilitytoAnalyze/InterpretData

  • OralCommunicationSkills

  • Motivation

  • Self-Starter

  • WrittenCommunicationSkills

  • Job-SpecificComputerSkills

  • TeamworkAttitude

  • InnovativeThinking

Top 10 most critical job skills
Top 10 Most Critical Job Skills:

  • Critical Thinking

  • Complex Problem Solving

  • Judgment and Decision Making

  • Active Listening

  • Computers and Electronics

  • Mathematics

  • Operations and Systems Analysis

  • Monitoring

  • Programming

  • Sales and Marketing

Top jobs 2013
Top Jobs 2013

Software Developers

Accountants and Auditors

Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Computer Systems Analysts

Human Resources, Training and Labor Relations Specialists

Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Sales Representatives (Wholesale and Manufacturing, Technical and Scientific)

Mechanical Engineers

Industrial Engineers

California common core state standards

21st Century Skills

Whatskillswillyourchildren needtoknowtobesuccessfulin the21stcentury


Focus of english language arts literacy
Focus of English Language Arts/Literacy

  • Rigor

  • ApplicationofLearningtoReal-World Situations

  • TechnologyandMediaSources

  • JustificationandEvidence

  • Communication/Collaboration

  • ExpositoryReadingandWriting

  • Research

California common core state standards

Focus of Mathematics

  • ConceptualUnderstanding

  • NumberSenseinElementary

  • MultipleSolutions

  • JustifyingAnswer

  • ExplainingYourThinking

  • SuccessinAlgebraandHigher-LevelMathematics

  • ApplicationtoRealWorldSituations

A nc hor s t an d a r ds

  • Skillsneeded in theworkforceandlife.

  • What studentsshouldbeabletodowhen theyleavehighschool.

  • Applytoall subjects.

California common core state standards

Howcanfamiliessupporttheirchildreninthe transitiontotheCommonCore State Standards(CCSS)?

California common core state standards

SixKey Shiftsin Literacy inCommonCore

California common core state standards

1. InformationalTexts

California common core state standards

1. InformationalTexts

California common core state standards

2. CloseReadingofComplexTexts

California common core state standards

3. Text-BasedAnswersWithEvidence

California common core state standards

4. WritingFromSourcesWithEvidence

California common core state standards

5. Academic Vocabulary

6 di g i t a l l i t e r a c y

6. Digital Literacy


California common core state standards

6 Shifts in MathematicsintheCommon Core

California common core state standards


California common core state standards

1.Focusand2.Coherence: HelpingYourChild WithMath

  • Bea Researcher:

    • Askquestionsthathelpyouunderstandyourchild’sthinking.

    • Beathoughtfullistener.

    • Becomeknowledgeableaboutwhat contentcomesbeforeandafter yourchild’scurrentgradelevel.

California common core state standards

3. Fluency

  • Understanding Fluency

    • More than just memorization.

    • Fluent with procedures, not just facts.

    • Fluency enables students to understand and manipulate more complex concepts.

California common core state standards

4. DeepUnderstanding:ExplainWhy

  • Teachchildrenconceptualunderstanding first.

    • Simplymemorizingrulesandprocedureswithout understandingmakesstudentsunabletosolveproblems.

      • Allthedrillsintheworldwillnotteachamath conceptoridea.

    • Oncechildrenhaveanopportunitytounderstand aconcept,practiceisveryimportanttohelpthemlearntousetheskillswithease.

California common core state standards


Reinforcethatnotallproblemsaresolved quicklyanddirectly.


Remindthatthere is not one“right”wayto solveanymathproblem.

Learnto recognizeandconnectvery different waysto solveaproblem.

PrinciplesandStandardsforSchoolMathematics NationalCouncilforTeachersofMathematics

California common core state standards

6. DualIntensity: HelpingYourChildWithMath

  • Be alearneryourself:

    • Learn to playwith numbersusing mentalarithmetic.

    • Play mathgamesat homethat involveproblem solving.

    • Notice howyou use mathin everydaylifeandsharewithyour child.

    • Demonstratepersistence.

California common core state standards


  • Bea Communicator:

    • Recognizethattalkingandwritingis importanttolearningmath.

    • Talk withyourchildaboutthemany ways tothinkaboutamathproblem.

    • Encourage diversewaysof solving problems.

California common core state standards

Ask the RightQuestions

  • Whathaveyoutried?

  • Isthereanotherwaytolookattheproblem?

  • Canyouexplainthistome?

  • Whatmakessensesofar?

  • Isthereanotherwaytothinkaboutit?

  • Isthislikeanotherproblemthatyouhaveworkedon?

  • Whatareyoutryingtodo/solve/findout?

California common core state standards

Parentalsupportandencouragementare vital tochildren’smathematical developmentandsuccessinschool.

Whatparentsdowiththeirchildrenismore importantthanwhotheparentsare socially, economically,andeducationally.



Student assessments
Student Assessments

  • Students will be assessed in Grades 3-5, 6-8, and 11 using Smarter Balanced Assessments.

  • Smarter Balanced is an adaptive assessment taken on the computer. All schools are being reviewed now to ensure that the technology is ready for this assessment.

  • Our current process of Universal Screening using the Scholastic Reading (SRI) and Scholastic Math Inventories (SMI) helps to prepare our students for this new assessment system.

Cde sbac resources
CDE & SBAC Resources

  • CA Department of Education

  • Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

Mvusd contact information
MVUSD Contact Information

  • Darren Daniel, Executive Director of Secondary Education


  • Mary Sousounis, Instructional Coach Math & Technology


  • Susan Hall, Beginning Teacher Support, Instructional Coach Middle School Literacy and Academic Interventions


  • Girlie Ebuen, Instructional Coach Math, Secondary


  • Shannon Augustin, Instructional Coach Math, Secondary