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Under German Control at end of 1941 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1. Under German Control at end of 1941. North Africa. Importance Control of Mediterranean Sea, Suez Canal, Straights of Gibraltar Access to oil fields in the Middle East Open a Second Front. Rommel had control of Libya- had the British on the defensive in Egypt.

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Under German Control

at end of 1941

North africa
North Africa

  • Importance

    • Control of Mediterranean Sea, Suez Canal, Straights of Gibraltar

    • Access to oil fields in the Middle East

    • Open a Second Front

Rommel had control of libya had the british on the defensive in egypt
Rommel had control of Libya-had the British on the defensive in Egypt.

Italians! Have no fear, Rommel is here to help dominate Africa!

Rommel, a German officer, teamed up with the Italians to push back the British with his tanks.

Well this stinks for us British! We better call in General Montgomery to clear things up….

Rommel, AKA the Desert Fox. (Relation to Megan???)

North africa1
North Africa

  • Who:

    • Vichy French controlled Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia

    • Italy controlled Libya

    • British controlled Egypt

    • German forces

    • American forces

  • What

    • 1940 - Italy attacked British in Egypt -

    • 1942 Hitler sent Erwin Rommel a.k.a “the Desert Fox” to help

The North Africa Campaign: The Battle of El Alamein, 1942

Gen. Ernst Rommel,The “Desert Fox”

Gen. Bernard LawMontgomery(“Monty”)

Battle of el alamein
Battle of El Alamein

Allied Supplies

  • British defeat Germans in Africa

  • Beat German General Erwin Rommel

  • Saved supply route

  • Cut Nazis off from oil

Battle of el alamein1

El Alamein – British (Montgomery) attack German’s (Rommel)

German’s are pushed out of Egypt to Libya and defeated in Jan. 1943

Turning Point – beginning of the end for Nazi in N. Africa

Why was Egypt so important ?

Battle of El Alamein

Operation torch

Allies (Rommel) “Pincer Strategy” – Advance from east and west to squeeze the Nazi’s out of North Africa

US (Eisenhower) from the west; British (Montgomery) from the east

May 1943 – Allies have all of N. Africa

What does this set up?

Operation Torch

**Allied Control of Mediterranean Sea - Can launch attack on Southern Europe

The Italian Campaign (Rommel) [“Operation Torch”]:Europe’s “Soft Underbelly”

  • Allies plan assault on weakest Axis area - North Africa - Nov. 1942-May 1943

  • George S. Patton leads American troops

  • Germans trapped in Tunisia - surrender over 275,000 troops.

Invasion of italy 1943
Invasion of Italy, 1943 (Rommel)

  • Combined British & American invasion of Italy didn’t go very well, but it stretched the German army very thin

The Battle for Sicily: (Rommel) June, 1943

General George S. Patton

Invasion of italy
Invasion of Italy (Rommel)

  • Allies attack Sicily

  • King Victor Emmanuel III fires Mussolini and has him arrested

  • New Italian government signs armistice

  • Allies meet tough resistance from Germans on Italian Peninsula

The Allies Liberate Rome: (Rommel) June 5, 1944

Gen. Eisenhower Gives the Orders for D-Day (Rommel) [“Operation Overlord”]

Invasion of france
Invasion of France (Rommel)

  • Challenges

    • Atlantic Wall – series of coastal fortifications along the Atlantic coast built by the 3rd Reich to prevent invasion

    • English Channel

June 6 1944 all gave some some gave all

D-Day (Rommel)

June 6, 1944

“all gave some, some gave all”

Deception at calais
Deception at Calais (Rommel)

  • Elaborate Plan by Allies to Deceive Hitler into thinking attack would be at Calais, France, NOT Normandy

  • Discouraged Germans from reinforcing troops at Normandy

Sherman Tank made of Inflated Rubber

Normandy Landing (Rommel) (June 6, 1944)

German Prisoners

Higgins Landing Crafts

What was d day
What was D Day? (Rommel)

  • D-day was the term used for the day of actual Allied soldier landings during wwii on Normandy, France

  • The attack had two phases.

    • Air assault

    • Landing of infantry/soldiers

  • Omaha beach was one of the worst landings that day

  • Why did this happen
    Why did this happen? (Rommel)

    • Nazi Germany was increasing its strangle hold on all of western Europe.

    • The Allies forces are calling for an offensive front.

    • Allies needed a way into Europe.

    • Using false radio conversations, the allies created confusion within the Nazi army, spreading the Nazi’s out all over France. Therefore allowing allies to enter through beach landings

    Facts why was this battle so bloody
    Facts (why was this battle so bloody) (Rommel)

    • 3,000,000 men to make the operation work

    • Over 5,000,000 tons of American equipment alone was shipped for preparation

    • Beach obstacles

    • 6.5 million land mines

    • Prior aircraft bombing.

    • Machine gun massacre

    Invasion of normandy d day 1944
    Invasion of Normandy (D-Day), 1944 runs to destroy German railroad systems.

    • Allies invade France to free it from German control

    • Created 2 Front war for Germany

    • Germany will soon be overpowered by Allies

    D day results
    D-Day Results runs to destroy German railroad systems.

    • 3,000/150,000 Americans die on 1st day


    • 1 Million additional soldiers arrive within 1 month

    • September 1944, France is Liberated

    D day movie
    D-day movie runs to destroy German railroad systems.

    • Total casualties in a single day 10,000+ start movie at 2:33

    T runs to destroy German railroad systems.he Liberation of Paris:August 25, 1944

    De Gaulle in Triumph!

    U. S. Troops in Paris, 1944 runs to destroy German railroad systems.

    The Battle of the Bulge: runs to destroy German railroad systems.Hitler’s Last Offensive

    Dec. 16, 1944toJan. 28, 1945

    May 1945 – Hitler kills himself runs to destroy German railroad systems.

    The End for Hitler and the Nazis

    Video –End of Mussolini runs to destroy German railroad systems.

    Mussolini & runs to destroy German railroad systems.His Mistress,Claretta Petacci Are Hung in Milan, 1945

    Hitler Commits Suicide IN APRIL OF 1945.April 30, 1945

    Cyanide & Pistols

    The Führer’s Bunker

    Mr. & Mrs. Hitler

    V-E Day (May 8, 1945) IN APRIL OF 1945.

    General Keitel

    V e day victory europe
    V-E Day IN APRIL OF 1945.Victory Europe

    • V-E Day – May 8, 1945

      End of War in Europe

    • Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide in his command bunker.

    • April 12 Roosevelt died - Who was president?

    V-E Day (May 8, 1945) IN APRIL OF 1945.