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War Couture

War Couture. By Adia. The Beginning .

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War Couture

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  1. War Couture By Adia

  2. The Beginning *On March 23, 1779 theContinental Congress assigned George Washington to pick the colors for the colonies to wear for the war *at first George chose brown *later he changed the color to blue. *At that time there was not a lot of cloth available to the colonists *they wore what they could find.

  3. The Beginning *The British wore red. *Different ranks and regiments had different colored facings. *They had a lot more supplies*they all had matching uniforms.

  4. Colonists The colonists first uniform. The colonists second uniform.

  5. colonist • At first the colors where brown with different color facings for each regiment. • Facings are the collars, cuffs, and trim of the uniform coat. • Eventually the colors were changed to blue with different color facings for each regiment.

  6. British

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