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Shared writing workshop. Week 4 FT PGCE. Objectives. To understand how to scaffold children’s writing through modelling of the writing process. Teachers as writers.

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Shared writing workshop

Shared writing workshop

Week 4



  • To understand how to scaffold children’s writing through modelling of the writing process

Teachers as writers
Teachers as writers

“….teachers must write in the presence of their classes. This is rather different from the earlier sense of a teacher being a writer whose experience might act as a reflective guide as well as a demonstrator of techniques.”

Bearne (2002)

The teaching of writing
The teaching of writing

Writing for with by the child






Demo Scribing Supported


Palmer & Corbett (2003)

Text sentence and word level
Text, sentence and word level

So what you already know is:

that different text types have rules about the generic text structure (text level)

the smaller aspects: paragraphs, types of, and the ordering sentences, punctuation (sentence level)

the smallest parts: tenses, word classes, connectives (word level)

Making sentences
Making sentences

  • Make a sentence – it must:

    • have a full stop

    • include a capital letter

    • make sense

  • Read it to your friend

  • Identify the:

    • verb

    • noun

    • adjective

    • adverb

Mucking about with a sentence
Mucking about with a sentence

  • The cat ran along the wall.

  • Turn the original sentence into a different text type;

    • A recipe, newspaper report, discussion, recount.

  • You could add a question, an exclamation, turn into a compound sentence, a complex sentence. Have a go in your writing journal.

Sentence starters
Sentence starters

  • Add an adverbial phrase to the following:

  • Mr Medway came into the classroom.

  • Ben ate his lunch.

  • She left the table.

  • Can you change the position of the adverbial phrase?

  • Is there anywhere you can’t put it?

What do you know about sentences
What do you know about…sentences?

  • Name 3 types of sentence

  • Describe the difference, to your partner, between each.

  • Level 3 writers do not use variety in their sentences and tend to use only one, possibly two types of sentences – which type do you think they over-use?

  • So…how do we help them?

Adverbial phrases
Adverbial phrases

Like single adverbs, they modify verbs,

adjectives or adverbs. For example:

  • He opened it extremely easily.

  • I'll do it quite soon.

  • I ran so fast.

  • He was quite unexpectedly kind.

  • He came very surprisingly quickly.

Handwriting spelling
Handwriting & spelling

  • Transcriptional elements of the writing process

  • What do you need to know for SE1:

    • School’s handwriting policy

    • Practise your handwriting in line with school

    • Know the terminology - lead in, flick?

    • How spelling is linked to phonics - it is encoding phonemes into graphemes - across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Useful resources
Useful resources

  • Jumpstart Literacy - Pie Corbett

  • Free Pie Corbett resources -


  • Developing Early Writing - DCSF

  • KS Spelling Bank - DCSF

  • First Steps - Map of Writing Development & Writing Resource Book

  • Grammar for Writing - DCSF

Useful for practising
Useful for practising

  • Grammar Audit

  • QTS practice tests:




  • - The Times Spelling Bee

  • - Definitely a site for your favourites