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By Callie Willie. CONTROL. C alm - If you lose your temper, you may very well lose the sale, the customer, and your job! Speak slowly and steadily. Make sure your body language conveys a calm message.

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  • Calm- If you lose your temper, you may very well lose the sale, the customer, and your job! Speak slowly and steadily. Make sure your body language conveys a calm message.

  • Observe- Watch your customer closely and make eye contact. What message are they trying to send you?

  • Needs-What outcome does the customer want in the situation?

  • Think-What is the best way to handle the situation so you, the customer, and the company are happy?

  • Reassuring- Difficult customers want to know that their problem is going to be solved. Reassure them by letting them know that you’re on their side and are there to ease their concerns.

  • Opportunity-Don’t think of problems as problems—think of them as “golden, unresolved opportunities. It may be a chance for you to "prove yourself".

  • Listen- Listen to what the customer is trying to get across to you. Listen to yourself as well. You have an inner voice that tells you what to do and what not to do. In most situations, this voice can help you make the right decision.

Different types of customers
Different Types of Customers

  • Argumentative

  • Impatient

  • Leave-me-alone

  • Irritable/Moody

  • Insulting

  • Complaining

  • Domineering/Superior

  • Suspicious

  • Slow/Methodical

  • Dishonest

How do you h andle these types of customers
How do you Handle These Types of Customers?

Argumentative customer
Argumentative Customer

  • Don’t argue back!

  • Ask simple, polite questions.

  • No emotion or inappropriate tone of voice.

Impatient customer
Impatient Customer

  • Agree on common points

  • Explain that other people are waiting and you will be with them in a moment

  • No emotion

  • Don’t get upset, it is most likely not meant to be personal

  • Stay calm

Leave me alone customer
Leave-me-alone Customer

  • Be patient, give them space

  • Let them come to you if they need help

  • Don’t pressure anything

  • Just “leave them alone” and let them come to you

Irritable moody customer
Irritable/Moody Customer

  • Be positive

  • No emotion

  • Stay calm, don’t get upset.

Insulting customer
Insulting Customer

  • Be neutral, especially with your body language

  • Don’t take anything personal

  • What NOT to do

Complaining customer
Complaining Customer

  • Respect their thoughts, listen actively

  • Reassure them

Domineering superior customer
Domineering/Superior Customer

  • Let them have their say, compliment them

  • Don’t take over the conversation

Suspicious customer
Suspicious Customer

  • Explain

  • Reassure the customer. They may have had a bad experience with your company before.

  • Stay positive and assure them you know how to correctly do your job

Slow methodical customer
Slow/Methodical Customer

  • Be sure not to overwhelm them

  • Give them space and simply choices

Dishonest customer
Dishonest Customer

  • Don’t jump to quick conclusions or accusations

  • Talk to you manager and let them handle it in a proper way


  • My Mom, Lisa, works on phone triage at the New Richmond clinic. This is just one of the kind of customers that she speaks with. This is my moms experience, not mine.

Customer dialogue
Customer Dialogue

  • Lisa- “Hi, how can I help you?”

  • Customer- “My Daughter is 18, she’s not a patient at your clinic and she has no insurance, but she has a rash that her friends say is contagious. She needs to be treated and I do too. I don’t have the rash but just in case I want something.”


  • Lisa- “Ok, it does sound like your daughter needs to be seen so we can evaluate her to know how to treat her.”

  • Customer- “Your aren’t hearing me! She doesn’t have and insurance!”

  • Lisa- “I understand that but we can not treat a patient we have never seen before for something we have not seen her for. Also a doctor can not give you a medication for something you don’t even have.”


  • Customer- “Well you must be deaf because I told you she doesn’t have insurance and no money! All we need is something called in!”

  • Lisa-“I apologize mam, let me have you talk to our business office to see what we can do for you.”


  • The patient was transferred to the business office to see if we could set up payments for her to be seen. I believed my mom handled this situation well. She kept herself calm and didn’t get upset of take anything personal. This is a clear example of a Insulting and Irritable/Moody customer. The customer insulted my mom by telling her she is deaf. The patient was an irritable/moody customer because she was explaining one minute and got upset for no reason the next.