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Preparing for Inspection in Independent schools

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Preparing for Inspection in Independent schools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preparing for Inspection in Independent schools. Update 2010. Mrs M A Buckingham 16.04.10. Purpose of session. Inspection – an up date Self evaluation - How well is my school doing ? What does a school need to do to prepare for an inspection ?.

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preparing for inspection in independent schools

Preparing for Inspection in Independent schools

Update 2010

Mrs M A Buckingham 16.04.10

purpose of session
Purpose of session
  • Inspection – an up date
  • Self evaluation - How well is my school doing ?
  • What does a school need to do to prepare for an inspection ?
inspection up date
Inspection Up date
  • All independent schools to be inspected on a regular basis (section 162A) - THE FRAMEWORK FOR INSPECTING INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS EDUCATION ACT 2002 ( as amended 2005)
  • New schools must meet the standards before they are allowed to open. Inspected by Ofsted
  • New Contractors – September 2009 - now 3 regional
  • CfBT-North of England; Serco – Midlands; Tribal - south monitored by Ofsted
  • Independent schools must meet regulations within each of the 7 Standards but …
what may be about to change
What may be about to change ?

The 7 or 8 standards:

  • The quality of education provided by the school (1)
  • The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils (2)
  • The welfare, health and safety of pupils (3)
  • The suitability of proprietors and staff (4)
  • The school’s premises and accommodation (5)
  • The provision of information (6)
  • The procedures for handling complaints (7)
  • Leadership and management (8)? (Education and Skills Act 2008)
what is part of inspection
What is part of inspection ?
  • Parent and pupil questionnaires
  • Oral feedback to teachers during inspection and senior managers/proprietor at end
  • Short, clear report, focusing on regulations
  • Report will state what the school must do to meet regulations if any are non compliant
  • Inspection aim to be developmental and helpful to the school; rigorous and precise about the regulations.
not just for the inspection
Not just for the inspection …
  • Ongoing self evaluation…
  • Headteachers and senior managers - monitor and review …
  • More than the regulations…
how can schools prepare
How can schools prepare ?

Head teachers, senior management teams, governing bodies /Trustees:

  • Know the regulations- keep up to date
  • SELF AUDIT CHECK LIST – self evaluation
  • Have the evidence ready… documentation - see list in guidance/ file for each standard ?
  • Training for staff (CPD)
  • School improvement/action plan
  • SIEF – have ready (electronically)
school self evaluation
School self evaluation

SIEF ‘ …honest and robust…’

  • Judgements based on evidence – quality of provision:
  • What are we doing ?
  • How well are we doing it ?
  • Link to regulations and school improvement plan
sief 1
SIEF (1)
  • Factual information (characteristics/ data)
  • 7 standards and regulations – yourschool’s judgment on compliance
  • Key strengths and priorities for development / what may hinder progress
  • Reflect parents’ and pupils’ views
sief 2
SIEF (2)
  • Involve the whole school lead by the headteacher ( including GB/ Trustees)
  • Keep SIEF up to date
  • School’s Judgments – criteria
sief 3
SIEF (3)
  • Judgements: outstanding; good; satisfactory; inadequate
  • Criteria for each standard (used by inspectors too e.g. teaching and learning)
  • Q. What best fits our school provision ?
  • …for all pupils…
  • Report judgments … will reflect school’s self evaluation
sief 4
SIEF (4)
  • Every Child Matters (ECM)- references throughout the SIEF
  • How well are your pupils achieving against the 5 ECM outcomes ?

Enjoying and achieving; making a positive contribution; skills for future economic well-being; healthy life styles and staying safe

  • Will refer to ECM in the written report and your SIEF judgements
other new matters
Other new matters…
  • LEA views on placements they fund (e.g. SEN)
  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) regulations
  • ‘Safeguarding children and safer recruitment in education’ in force January 2007
  • New Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA)
  • (Pupil Registration) Regulations 2006…
safeguarding children
Safeguarding children…
  • ‘Safeguarding children and safer recruitment in education’ in force January 2007 (DCSF)
  • Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA)
  • Proprietors of independent schools: similar responsibilities to GB in maintained schools
  • Child Protection policy (Regulation 3(2)(b)) – Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) – checks; procedures; Annual review
  • Designated person(s) and all staff – training
  • Records – ALL staff - Single central record of recruitment and vetting checks… in addition to …staff records…
safeguarding children1
Safeguarding children…
  • Central record must indicate that all the necessary checks and procedures have been followed…
  • E.g. check identity; qualifications check; right to work in UK; CRB… medical fitness; character references; employment history…
  • Standard 4 - suitability of proprietor and staff…role of proprietor
  • Make a ‘table’ for central record and check list for each staff file…
next steps
Next steps…
  • ‘My personal action plan’
  • Keep up to date…
  • Ongoing development planning…part of the process…for whole school ( including CPD)
  • Be clear and sure of your (the school’s) purpose for pupils…