Sources and types of laws
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Sources and Types of Laws. Pages 428-433. Good Laws. -Characteristics of Good Laws **Why? Fairness Reasonable Understandable Enforceable. Source of Our Laws. -American System - Declaration of Independence - Constitution. -Ancient Law Systems

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Good Laws

  • -Characteristics of Good Laws

  • **Why?

  • Fairness

  • Reasonable

  • Understandable

  • Enforceable

Source of Our Laws

-American System

-Declaration of Independence


  • -Ancient Law Systems

  • -Hammurabi’s Law Code (You studied King Hammurabi in World History)

  • (1760 BC) Eye for an eye…

  • -Ten Commandments-

  • Hebrews followed this /reflected in our laws

  • -Roman Codes-

  • Jurisprudence: study of law

  • -English Law ** most important**

  • -Magna Carta (1215)

  • -English Bill of Rights (1689)

  • -Common Law System

    • Common law is based on precedent and customs

Criminal Law

  • -Criminal Law– Laws that deal with specific statutory rules laid down by the government regarding people’s behavior

  • **95% of criminal trials are for violations of state laws

  • -misdemeanor- An offense less serious than a felony

  • Vandalism: destroying someone else’s property EX. Spraypaint side of Anderson’s Drug store

  • Petty theft: Ex. shoplifting

  • Will get a fine or less than a year jail time

  • -felony-a serious crime

  • Serious crimes EX Murder, drug trafficking, fraud

Civil Law

  • -Civil Law

  • Laws that are based on disagreements and conflicts b/w individuals

  • -Lawsuits

  • When civil case goes to court

  • Legal action against a person or group sues to collect damages

  • -Contracts

  • Agreement b/w 2 or more parties

  • -Family law

  • Family issues like divorce, child custody, adoption, alimony

  • -Small Claims Courts- amount is $5000 or less

Civil law vocabulary
Civil Law Vocabulary

  • Plaintiff-the person suing

  • Defendant-the person being sued

  • 7th Amendment -In a civil case

    if the amount of money

    involved is more than $20 a

    Person can ask for a jury


Civil trial for O.J. Simpson.

He was ordered to pay over

$33 million to the Goldman family

Constitutional Law

  • -Constitutional Law

  • -law that deals specifically with rights and issues revolving around our rights as defined in state or national Constitutions

  • **example:

  • You felt you were a victim of unreasonable search and seizure

Administrative Law

-Administrative Law

-these are laws that are formulated in response to laws passed by Congress

-determined by the executive branch

-has the same effect as law passed by legislature

Part of the executive branch, the Federal

Communications Commission (FCC) decides what is censored on TV and radio.

International Law

  • -International Law

  • Laws dealing with treaties and customs agreements among nations

  • -military agreements

  • -diplomatic treaties

  • -trade

  • -human rights

  • UN (United Nations)

  • World Court

Statutory law type of public law
Statutory Law (type of public law)

  • Statute: law written by a

    legislative body of gov’t

    • Statues regulate our behavior

    • Ex:

      • by setting speed limits

      • Inspecting food products

      • Getting drivers licenses