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I T Essentials I Chapter 5 PowerPoint Presentation
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I T Essentials I Chapter 5

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I T Essentials I Chapter 5 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I T Essentials I Chapter 5. JEOPARDY. Installing & Upgrading. Computer Basics. Errors. Service. Potpourri . 100. 100. 100. 1 00. 100. 200. 200. 200. 200. 200. 300. 300. 300. 300. 300. 400. 400. 400. 400. 400. 500. 500. 500. 500. 500.

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I T Essentials I Chapter 5

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I T Essentials I

Chapter 5



Installing &
































installing and upgrading 100
Installing and Upgrading100
  • What is the maximum number of partitions per hard drive that is supported by Windows XP?
            • 1
            • 2
            • 4
            • 16
            • 32

A: What is 4?

installing and upgrading 200
Installing and Upgrading200
  • Which operating system source code can be downloaded and edited?
          • Linux
          • Mac OS X
          • Unix
          • Windows XP

A: What is Linux?

installing and upgrading 300
Installing and Upgrading 300
  • What is the partition used by the operating system to boot the computer?
      • Extended partition
      • Track
      • Active partition
      • Primary partition

A: What is Active partition?

installing and upgrading 400
Installing and Upgrading 400

What does partitioning do to the hard drive?

It prepares the hard drive to hold files and applications.

It logically divides the hard drive into one or more areas.

It allows you to set the programs that will run at startup and to edit configuration files.

It allows you to edit the registry.

A: What is option 2?

installing and upgrading 500
Installing and Upgrading 500

What does the utility Msconfig allow the user to do?

It allows the user to go to “last known good configuration”.

It detects and installs any hardware found on the computer.

It allows you to set the programs that will run at startup and to edit configuration files.

It allows you to edit the registry.

A: What is Option 3?

computer basics 100
Computer Basics 100
  • A restore point backs up drivers, system files, registry settings, and application data.
        • True or False

A: What is False, it does not backup application data?

computer basics 200
Computer Basics 200
  • This contains the settings for many features that control the behavior and appearance of the computer.
        • The startup menu
        • The control panel
        • The device manager
        • The command prompt

A: What is thecontrol panel?

computer basics 300
Computer Basics300
  • What application allows you to edit the registry.
        • Msconfig
        • Regedit
        • BOOT.ini
        • NTOSKRNL.exe

A: What is Regedit?

computer basics 400
Computer Basics 400

What does defrag do?

It gathers noncontiguous data into one place, making files run faster.

It repartitions the hard drive

It formats the hard drive so it can store files

It fragments the hard drive into bits so information can be sent over the internet faster.

A: What is option 1?

computer basics 500
Computer Basics 500
  • When an operating system locates an application, where does it load it?
        • ROM
        • DIMM
        • SIMM
        • RAM

A: What is RAM?

errors 100

As user attempts to boot the computer, the message “NTLDR is missing” is observed on the screen. What will result from this situation?

The operating system will fail to load

Users will be unable to log in

Applications will fail to start

The initial self-test will fail to load

A: What is a The operating system will fail to load?

errors 200
  • A user install a new sound card driver in a computer that is working properly. After installing the drivers, the computer fails to boot. Which quick fix can the user implement to return to the previous working state?
      • Boot to Emergency Recovery State
      • Boot to Last Know Good Configuration
      • Boot to Recovery Console
      • Boot to Start Windows Normally

A: What is boot to Last Known Good Configuration?

errors 300
  • A technician thinks the file system on a computer has a problem because Windows XP is reporting integrity data issues. Which Windows XP utility will check the file system for errors?
          • Attrib
          • Chkdsk
          • Fdisk
          • Format

A: What is Chkdsk?

errors 400
  • In which two situations should a technician create a restore point?
      • Before moving viruses to the virus vault for quarantine
      • Before an operating system upgrade
      • Before installing a new device driver
      • Before formatting the hard disk

A: What is before an OS upgrade & before installing a new device driver?

errors 500
  • In device manager what represents a problem with the device?
      • Red X
      • Line through the device name
      • Yellow exclamation point
      • Device name is greyed out

A: What is yellow exclamation point?

service 100

What action should be taken when upgrading a Windows XP computer from FAT32 to NTFS?

Format all existing files with the NTFS File tool

Create a new NTFS partition and copy the files into the new partition.

Run the Microsoft Convert Utility

Overwrite the FAT32 file system with NTFS. Files will automatically be added to the new file system.

A: What is run the Microsoft Convert utility?

service 200
Service 200

A technician needs to create 2 partitions on a hard disk and install Windows XP. At which point in the installation should he create the partitions?

During the installation, but will have to create the 2nd partition using the fdisk utility.

During the installation

After XP has been installed, but before applications are installed.

After XP and applications have been installed.

A: What is Option 2?

service 300
Service 300
  • A technician completely configures one master computer and makes an image of the hard. Drive. This image is then installed on other computers. What is this process called?
        • Disk array
        • Disk copying
        • Disk cloning
        • Disk mirroring
        • Disk multiplexing

A: What is Disk cloning?

service 400
Service 400
  • When upgrading a computer from Windows 2000 Professional to Windows XP, the setup wizard fails to start after inserting the XP disc. Which command can be used to start the upgrade?
          • Install
          • Winxp
          • Winnt32
          • xp

A: What is winnt32?

service 500
Service 500

While performing preventative maintenance, a technician notices the OS is missing updates. How can he enable automatic updates?

Run the utility Sysedit from the command line

Run the utility Autoupdate from the command line

Go to Start > Control Panel > Performance andMaintenance > System > Automatic Updates

Right-click My Computer and then go to Advanced > Updates

A: What is option 3?

potpourri 100
Potpourri 100
  • What is the name of the hierarchical database containing all of the information needed by the Windows OS?
          • Registry
          • Windows Explorer
          • Device Manager
          • CONFIG.SYS
          • HWINFO.EXE

A: What is registry?

potpourri 200
Potpourri 200
  • When booting the Windows XP operating system, which file will be read to find the path to the boot partition?
        • AUTOEXEC.BAT
        • BOOT.INI
        • NTBOOTDD.SYS
        • NTDETECT.COM

A: What is BOOT.INI?

potpourri 300
Potpourri 300
  • Which specification was developed to resolve the problem of hardware conflicts?
            • AGP
            • HAL
            • IRQ & DMA
            • OSR2
            • PnP

A: What is PnP?

potpourri 400
Potpourri 400
  • To access and communicate with the hardware, the operating system installs this for each hardware component.
      • A shortcut
      • A backup file
      • A device driver
      • Plug and play software

A: What is a device driver?

potpourri 500
Potpourri 500
  • Hard disk space that is used to emulate RAM
        • ROM
        • Extended memory
        • Virtual memory
        • SDRAM

A: What is virtual memory?

double jeopardy
Double Jeopardy
  • This DOS command copies files and subdirectories
        • Copy
        • Dir
        • Edit
        • xcopy

A: What is xcopy?


Double Jeopardy

Subject: DOS Commands