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  1. Supplementary Table 1: Microarray datasets. Fourteen human and one mouse CRC microarray data sets analyzed in this study from the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) and the ArrayExpress databases. The GEO or ArrayExpress database identifier (ID), species, microarray platform, number of individual samples run on the array (sample#), associated publication (Author), Institute of origin and the PubMed identifier for the associated publication (PMID) are provided.

  2. Supplementary Table 2.Probes and primer details for the mouse putative NFAT target genes analyzed in MC38Met cells.

  3. Supplementary Table 3.Probes and primer details for the RT-Ready plates used for putative NFAT target genes analyzed in human CRC patients RNA.

  4. Supplementary Table 4.ON-TARGETplusSMARTpoolsiRNA L-054700-00-0005-05 targeting Mouse NFATc1. ON-TARGETplus Non-Targeting pool (Cat# D-001810-10-20)

  5. Supplementary Table 5: Twenty-one putative NFAT transcriptional target genes. Gene symbols are paired with the full name of each gene and an assigned functional category is given for each. # Genes significantly down with siNFATc1 treatment, * significantly down with FK506 treatment, *#significantly down with both siNFATc1 and FK506 treatment.

  6. Supplementary Table 6: Summary statistics of microarray-based differential mRNA expression of NFAT family of transcription factors in three biological replicates of MC38Par and MC38Met cell lines. Statistical significance for differential expression only for NFATc1 (bolded and highlighted in red) and NFATc4 (bolded) was achieved in this analysis.

  7. Supplementary Table 7:Overlapping genes between 8-gene signature and previously published colon cancer specific prognostic signatures. Overlapping genes in referenced published gene signatures are highlighted alongside the NFAT-directed 8-gene signature described for metastasis in this model.

  8. Supplementary Table 8. Summary statistics for in vivo work using isogenic MC38 cell lines in C57BL6/J mice.