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SHMD 129 SPORT MANAGEMENT. human resources. Hr management process & department. HR management is about helping the entire organization understand & manage its people. HR management consists of planning, attracting, developing, & retaining employees.

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Shmd 129 sport management


Hr management process department
Hr management process & department

  • HR management is about helping the entire organization understand & manage its people.

  • HR management consists of planning, attracting, developing, & retaining employees.

  • HR department is a staff department that advises & assists all other departments.

  • Large organizations have separate HR department that plans HR practices for the entire organization.

Hr management process department1
Hr management process & department

  • Following is a list of common responsibilities of an HR department:

    • Determine the recruiting & selection process & conduct job analysis (job descriptions & specifications) for all jobs to aid managers in hiring.

    • Recruit candidates from mangers ,select new employees; place job opening ads.

    • Conduct orientation sessions for new employees & train many of them to do their jobs.

Hr management process department2
Hr management process & department

  • Develop the performance appraisal system & forms used by managers throughout the organization.

  • Determine compensation (pay & benefits) guidelines.

  • Develop employee health & safety programs, & assist in the termination of employees.

Hr management process department3
Hr management process & department

  • Keep employment records & help employees to understand & use their benefits.

  • Participate in legal matters, including teaching managers the legal requirements they need to follow when conducting job searches & interviews.

Legal environment
Legal Environment

  • HR department need to ensure that everyone in the organization complies with the law.

  • The law tells organizations what they must & mustn’t do.

Legal environment1
Legal Environment

  • Pre-employment Inquiries:

  • No-one in your organization can legally ask discrimination questions, either on the application or during interviews.

  • Here are 2 rules to guide you:

    • Be sure that every question you ask is job related.

    • Ask all candidates the same general questions.

Hr planning
HR planning

  • HR department develops the plans for the entire organization (numbers, benefits)

  • HR guides employees as they carry out the mission, strategy, & objectives of the firm.

  • Strategic HR planning is the process of driving the organization to meet its objectives.

  • HR department is to provide people with the right skills at the right time.

Job analysis
Job analysis

  • Strategic HR planning determines the number of people & skills needed, but doesn’t specify how each job is to be performed.

  • HR planning must review information about the job itself.

  • Job design is the process for developing & combining the tasks & activities that include a particular job.

  • Job analysis is the process for determining what position entails & qualifications needed to staff the position.

Job analysis1
Job analysis

  • Job description identifies the tasks & responsibilities of a person.

  • Job specifications identify the qualifications needed to staff a position.

  • An essential part of job analysis is developing a realistic job preview (RJP).

  • The RJP provides the candidate with an accurate, objective understanding of the job.