life and laughter of kim voytoski n.
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facts of life
Facts of Life
  • 21 years old
  • History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Education Major (Whew…)
  • The youngest in my family
  • Second to become a teacher
  • I have a dog named Toby

My Hobbies:



~Long Drives in the Country



Rock Climbing


Why I want to teach…

To get kids excited about History again

To reawaken the imagination and dreams of children

To provide a supportive and safe environment for my students

To better educate my students so that they can one day better educate the world


My Experience working with children….

Currently I work with AWARE INC here in Missoula, where I work with children in a group home setting.

I work at MDSC here in Missoula in group homes for people with developmental disabilities.

I volunteered to coach soccer to young children for two seasons.


Volunteering to read to elementary students in all grades

Volunteering to work with the Flagship program at the local schools