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Team: Awesome Robot : Burrito

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Team: Awesome Robot : Burrito - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Team: Awesome Robot : Burrito. Team members French, Kevin Lynch, John Millns , John. Kevin French. First year engineer Before this class I was going to a Material Science Engineer but now I have switched to electrical engineering I learned how to program a maze solver in this class

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Presentation Transcript
team awesome robot burrito

Team: AwesomeRobot: Burrito

Team members

French, Kevin

Lynch, John

Millns, John

kevin french
Kevin French
  • First year engineer
  • Before this class I was going to a Material Science Engineer but now I have switched to electrical engineering
  • I learned how to program a maze solver in this class
  • I was already involved in Gator Robotics before this class and I will continue to do more after this class along with IEEE
john lynch
John Lynch
  • I am a second semester freshman in the ECE program here at UF.
  • I had little to no experience in electrical engineering before coming to this school and this class has changed that greatly. I now have a good base knowledge of how circuits and signals in electrical devices work.
  • I hope to continue this learning while also participating in different opportunities both on and off campus.
  • My goal is to graduate with an undergraduate degree in a few years and search for a job after that.
  • As for now I want to continue doing things similar to this class because I know it will improve my opportunities in the electrical engineering field in the future.
john millns
John Millns
  • First Year Engineer
  • I decided to be an Electrical Engineer prior to attending this class and this class has solidified my decision to be an Electrical Engineer.
  • I have learned how robotic systems can be integrated and I plan to take the knowledge I have learned in this class to build my own robot to present to companies and to pursue my passion.
  • From this class I have gained the knowledge necessary to adequately identify the materials and programs necessary to construct robots to achieve certain presented goals and problems.
robot story
Robot Story
  • Burrito is a factory robot who has always had big dreams. One day he noticed a fire on the warehouse floor and singlehandedly moved several tons of vital equipment and saved the life of his boss in the process. From this event, Burrito was promoted to head of the warehouse floor and finally felt secure in his decision to become a factory robot. In the video, it is a dramatization of how Burrito returned home after this glorious day of work and saving lives. Upon his return to his residence, he decided to call his brother Manuel who is an EOD robot for the Army.

This, is Burrito’s story…

team conclusions
Team Conclusions
  • We have gather knowledge of circuitry, programing, sensors, and basic electrical engineering.
  • We have learned the difference between a machine and a robot.
  • Even if you are not an EE this course is a great course to take to get to know the electrical engineering field.
  • We now turn our attention to the dramatization of burrito’s most awesome adventure.