diversity audit tools assessing disability within diversity in higher education n.
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Diversity Audit Tools: Assessing Disability within Diversity in Higher Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Diversity Audit Tools: Assessing Disability within Diversity in Higher Education

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Diversity Audit Tools: Assessing Disability within Diversity in Higher Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Diversity Audit Tools: Assessing Disability within Diversity in Higher Education
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  1. Diversity Audit Tools: Assessing Disability within Diversity in Higher Education 2010-2011 AHEAD Diversity Initiative Leadership Team Bea Awoniyi, Florida State University Mattie Grace, University of Southern California Melanie Thompson, Northern Illinois University Ruth Warick, University of British Columbia

  2. Diversity within AHEAD prior to 2000 Recognition as a SIG The “Message” in a Name The birth of the REDD-SIG Cultural Engagement of Board (Charlotte) Resolution signed in 2008 by Board of Directors Formation of the Diversity initiative Diversity: History within AHEAD

  3. Diversity: History within AHEAD Feedback sessions – focus group and reporting Reference of diversity within mission statement and organizational values Annual conference presentations and dialogue Diversity within disability (e.g. various types of disability) Diversity within disability resource professionals (e.g. race, sexual orientation) Disability as a tenet of diversity

  4. Diversity within disability Various types of disability Disability identity Diversity within disability resource professionals Race and/or Ethnicity Sexual orientation Disability Disability as a tenet of diversity Civil Rights law Largest minority Diversity/Disability Intersection

  5. Online search Most from EU Many Fee based Few Free tools Either disability as only connection OR diversity without disability Literature review (only 2) Reisenberger, A., & Dadzie, S., (2002). Equality and diversity in adult and community learning. Department for education and skills. London: England. ISBN -1-85338-752-5 Ramburuth, P., & Welch, C. (2005). Educating the global manager: Cultural diversity and cross-cultural training in international business education. Journal of Teaching in International Business, 16(3), 5-27. Diversity Audit Tools

  6. Equality and Diversity Teaching and Learning Audit Proforma http://www.tlc.murdoch.edu.au/eosj/resources/workshops.html Equality and Diversity in Athletics http://ribblevalleyathleticclub.hitssports.com/clubfiles/793/docs/EADAuditTool.pdf Developing Strategic Approaches to Diversity Policy http://media.wiley.com/product_data/excerpt/14/04714997/0471499714.pdf Carrying Out a Disability Audit on Your Service http://www.disability.isg.ed.ac.uk/docs/open/AK_How_to_carry_out_DA_on_your_service.pdf Self Audit Checklist http://www.wolverhamptomhealth.nhs.uk Select Examples of Audit Tools

  7. Sample Audit Tools: Strengths & Challenges STRENGTHES Free Open ended questions Provide descriptions of some terminology Flexibility with application Include disability CHALLENGES Limited in scope Address specific areas only Some include acronyms that are unidentified Limited directions Doesn’t include other tenets of diversity

  8. Leadership team created diversity audit tool between fall of 2010 and spring 2011 Wanted to address lack of tool that was inclusive of disability and diversity Components Structure and Policies Communication and Technology Services and Programs Physical Dimensions AHEAD DI Diversity Audit Tool

  9. Sample areas for auditing: Do diversity policies incorporate disability? Is the disability service unit a part of a campus-wide diversity committee? Do you have leadership support for diversity initiatives? DI Diversity Audit Tool: Structure and Policies

  10. Sample areas for auditing: Are the terms your office uses inclusive and embracing of diversity? Are the images and examples you use reflective of diversity? Does your campus have a publication/webpage listing all diversity services and resources? Diversity Audit Tool: Communications and Technology

  11. Sample areas for auditing: Are you aware of diversity campus resources to make appropriate referrals for students? Do you work with colleagues to develop a collaborative approach to handling situations in which students present a variety of issues? Does your campus have discrete targeted programs? Diversity Audit Tool: Services and Programs

  12. Sample areas for auditing: Are diverse groups involved in planning the built environment? Is the signage appropriate? Do other units and your student organization plan and organize programs in spaces that are accessible to all? Diversity Audit Tool: Physical Dimensions

  13. Question - What is an ally? “Someone who is not only committed to social equality but someone who is willing to do the work of social justice from an informed position: Being informed about the kind of work that best supports a particular group.” University of Colorado - Boulder Promote Diversity with Disability: Allies

  14. Ally Development • “An informed person who provides a ‘safe zone’ in their work or study area for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or intersex students or staff.” Murdoch University • Other definitions of “Ally” • Q for later: How do you define ally and how is ally defined at your institution? • Is there a unique way that an “ally” is identified?

  15. Bridge Building • Question - What does this term mean to you? • Number of ways that we can be inclusive of each individual, regardless of any real or perceived differences. • A discussion forum-this would be a place to ask questions and to find support and information relating to various issues. • Training in an integral part of any bridge building in the university community or the community at large. • Question - Are there ways that your environment deals with the “town and gown” perspective or dilemma?

  16. Allies and Community Action • “When you’ve made the choice to be a life-long learner and become an involved ally, you have begun the transformation from being a concerned bystander who does not know where to begin, to finding a true, active role in a community of people. You have graduated from simply using politically correct language to building relationships and taking action. The next step to being an ally is becoming involved in community.” University of Colorado - Boulder

  17. Ally & Bridge Building References • INVST Community Studies-University of Colorado at Boulder: http://www.colorado.edu/communitystudies/resources/ally.html • Hon. Linda Childers and Brunner, Brigitta (2000) ‘Diversity Issues and Public Relations’, Journal of Public Relations Research, 12: 4, 309-340. • Office of Disability Employment Policy- (202) 693-7880 (Voice); (202) 693-7888 (FAX) • Bromley: http://www.developbromley.com/bridgebuilding • Murdoch University-Murdoch Ally Program: Equity Access & Diversity • http://equityaccess.murdoch.edu.au/diversity/Ally/Ally-index.html • The Diversity Initiative brochure from the AHEAD Diversity Series: “Promoting Diversity in Disability Services”

  18. Conclusion • Thank you. • Questions or comments…