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Valuepitch Interactive Clients and Technology

Valuepitch Interactive Clients and Technology. About Valuepitch. 2 years old 22 members Handled over 100 SEO campaigns First Google AdWords Qualified Company in India First company to create a fully integrated console to measure online marketing metrics. 5 Key technology products

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Valuepitch Interactive Clients and Technology

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  1. Valuepitch InteractiveClients and Technology

  2. About Valuepitch • 2 years old • 22 members • Handled over 100 SEO campaigns • First Google AdWords Qualified Company in India • First company to create a fully integrated console to measure online marketing metrics. • 5 Key technology products • Performetrics • SVAT™ • SVAT Trends • InstaAds • SmartTags™

  3. The Team • Venkat Ramana (CEO)A Qualified Cost Accountant with over 4 years of Internet Marketing experience, Venkat has handled large scale SEO/PPC efforts in various companies (has managed more than 60 PPC accounts, 10 SEO clients and teams of size 35+). He was the Director of Operations at Pinstorm Technologies before founding Valuepitch. • Raj Dsouza (Head, Technology) The technology man at Valuepitch, he has over 7 years of experience in networks and web development. Apart from providing the technology backbone for the reporting systems of PPC campaigns, he is responsible for each and every tool which Valuepitch has created till date.

  4. The Team • Arun Rao (Manager, Business Development) An electrical engineer from IIT Kharagpur by education, the lure of technology driven contextual advertising was too much to resist and he started off his career developing web based applications for search marketing. At Valuepitch, Arun helped set up the Search Marketing practice. He currently handles Business Development at Valuepitch. • Benjamin Gonsalves (Head, SEO) With over 3 years of experience in SEO, Benjamin comes with a wealth of knowledge on website architecture, search engine friendly website development techniques and web usability. Ben has worked on over 50 SEO projects till date and is responsible for delivery on all SEO projects in Valuepitch.

  5. A few of our SEO successes…

  6. Rediff Shopping

  7. Rediff Shopping • 130% increase in the number of pages indexed • 150% increase in inbound traffic from search engines • Time taken = 3 months

  8. Singapore Airlines Time Saved months

  9. Singapore Airlines • A 60% increase in traffic from search engines within 6 months. • 76% increase in e-commerce transactions by the end of the project.

  10. Movers.com

  11. Movers.com • 500,000 + visits a month : an 800 fold increase in traffic in 3 months. • 20,000 + search terms in the top 3 results in Google. • Increase in revenues – from USD 120,000 to USD 1.7 million (annual figures). 80% of the incremental revenues add directly to the bottom-line.

  12. Some of our SEO assignments

  13. Some of our Paid Search assignments

  14. Our Technology…

  15. Tool Kits • PPC Tool Kit • SVATTM (Organic version due *) • SVATTM Trends (Organic Version due *) • InstaAds • Performetrics • SEO Tool Kit • SmartTagsTM • SEO Competition Checker • Google Search Results Count • Reciprocal Links Auditor • Keyword Research • Google Page Rank Finder • Reciprocal Link Checker • Site Position Checker • Phrase Popularity Index • Text Lines Rearrange Script • Keyword Similarity Filter Organic Version due on June 30th, 2008

  16. SmartTags™ • What is SmartTags™? • SmartTags™ is an optimisation tool that tries to maximise the Return on Investment on SEO of large sites (over 10,000 pages. • How does it work? • SmartTags™ works on the premise that an organic listing is as good as a paid advertisement and so it needs to be optimised to maximise click-through rates and conversion rates. • SmartTags™ tracks the traffic and conversions on various sections of the website and maps this data to the Title and Meta Description of the search engine listings. • It enables the user to change the Title and Meta tags on his website at the click of a mouse and tracks the results of this change.

  17. SmartTags™ • Why SmartTags™?

  18. SmartTags™ • Tracks traffic and conversion data

  19. SmartTags™ • Change listings at the click of a mouse

  20. SVAT™ • What is SVAT™? • SVAT™, short for Share of Voice Analysis Tool, is a web based tool which can be used to gauge the current competitive landscape on Google Sponsored Results for a set of keywords. • What does it do? • SVAT collects data and automatically categorises the competition as • Novice: Very few words, very low bids • Inefficient: Few words, high bids • Aggressive: Lot of words, mid to high bids • Conservative: Lot of words, low bids • Gives position and keyword data for each advertiser • Highlights the untapped keywords - i.e. Relevant keywords for which no advertiser is appearing.

  21. SVAT™ • Competitive Landscape

  22. SVAT™ • Individual advertiser data

  23. SVATTrends • What is SVATTrends? • SVAT Trends is a competition monitoring tool which helps the user to detect and react to changes in the strategies adopted by the competition while advertising on Google Sponsored Results. • What does it do? • It collects advertiser data regularly over a period of time and provides the same in a easy-to-analyse format. • SVAT Trends provides data on • Share of total impressions by advertiser • Keywords used by each advertiser • Ads used by each advertiser • Keyword - Ad mapping for each advertiser • Adgroup structure of each advertiser

  24. SVATTrends Advertiser data – 1. Share of impressions 2. Ads Share of impression by advertiser Keyword – Ad data

  25. SVATTrends Competition by Keyword Ads used by each advertiser

  26. InstaAds • What is InstaAds? • InstaAds is an application which dynamically detects the freshest offer/content on the users website and updates the same on the ads being used in Google AdWords. • Who can use InstaAds? • Sports websites • Ecommerce websites • Travel websites • Finance websites

  27. InstaAds How does it work?

  28. InstaAds How can InstaAds be used?

  29. Performetrics • What is Performetrics? • Performetrics is a web application that tracks the performance statistics of an online marketing campaign in real-time. • What does it do? • Provides both visitor and conversion data by source, geography and time. • Has an integrated lead management system for better customer service management. • Allows the user to run custom reports. User can create over 20 types of reports using this tool.

  30. Performetrics • Visitor and conversion data. Visits Conversions

  31. Performetrics • Lead management system for better customer engagement

  32. Performetrics • Splice and dice data Create custom reports Export to spreadsheet for analysis

  33. Thank you

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