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Chapel Hill - Carrborro Peacemaking Scholarship Recipients & Their Stories 2009 - 2019

Chapel Hill - Carrborro Peacemaking Scholarship Recipients & Their Stories 2009 - 2019. Where are they now? & What are they doing?. Mattis Hennings. 2009 Recipient Attended UNC-Chapel Hill Majored in Political Science / Global Studies. Mattis Hennings (2009 Recipient).

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Chapel Hill - Carrborro Peacemaking Scholarship Recipients & Their Stories 2009 - 2019

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  1. Chapel Hill - Carrborro Peacemaking ScholarshipRecipients & Their Stories 2009 - 2019

  2. Where are they now?&What are they doing?

  3. MattisHennings • 2009 Recipient • Attended UNC-Chapel Hill • Majored in Political Science / Global Studies

  4. MattisHennings (2009 Recipient) Peacemaking work while in college: I studied modernization and social change in Jordan during the Arab Spring and spent a number of years learning Arabic. I also frequently took part in campus politics around social justice issues and volunteering.

  5. MattisHennings (2009 Recipient) After UNC, I worked in Washington DC for a year in Middle East journalism. I then moved to Geneva, Switzerland, to complete a Master's in Development Studies, focused on business and human rights.

  6. MattisHennings (2009 Recipient) Currently working for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland.

  7. MattisHennings (2009 Recipient) “Receiving this scholarship encouraged me to continue working on issues of international politics, global justice and human rights - by showing me that these issues, though often ignored, were valued by my community.”

  8. MattisHennings (2009 Recipient) “Good luck to all the scholarship winners over the years - keep up your good work in making the world a better, more equitable and just place for all people!”

  9. Kirsten Leloudis • 2010 Recipient • Graduate of Chapel Hill High School

  10. Kirsten Leloudis (2010 recipient) • Attended Earlham College, Richmond, IN • Double major in History and Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

  11. Kirsten Leloudis (2010 recipient) Peacemaking work while in college: • Anti-death-penalty work • Boyott, Divestment & Sanctions of Israel • Palestinian liberation

  12. Kirsten Leloudis (2010 recipient) Since college . . . I attended law school and public health school. I will graduate with my Juris Doctor and Master of Public Health degrees in May 2018.

  13. Kirsten Leloudis (2010 recipient) “The Peacemaking Scholarship reflected and reaffirmed the values of my community and its commitment to peace.”

  14. Kirsten Leloudis (2010 recipient) “Receiving the scholarship gave me a further sense of purpose as I entered college and pushed me to seek out opportunities to engage in work related to peace and justice.”

  15. Elizabeth McManus • 2010 Recipient • Graduate of Chapel Hill High School

  16. Elizabeth McManus (2010 Recipient) • Attended Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA • Majored in Religion

  17. Elizabeth McManus (2010 Recipient) Peacemaking work while in college: • Internship in northern Uganda • Focused research on queer feminist arguments for/against pacifism • Anti-racism training and work

  18. Elizabeth McManus (2010 Recipient) Since college . . . Graduated with a Masters in Theological Studies from Duke Divinity School, and presently work in youth ministry, working towards ordination as an Episcopal priest.

  19. Elizabeth McManus (2010 Recipient) Currently in Durham; Moving soon to Austin, TX.

  20. Elizabeth McManus (2010 Recipient) “Receiving this scholarship bolstered my confidence, enabled me to afford books my first year of school, and charged me to remember why I was sent to school - to be a peacemaker!”

  21. Vanessa Amoako • 2012 Recipient • Graduate of Carrboro High School

  22. Vanessa Amoako (2012 Recipient) • Attended Ashesi University College, Berekuso, Ghana

  23. Vanessa Amoako (2012 Recipient) Peacemaking work while in college: Fostering equal access to economic opportunities through educating the underprivileged in the rural areas of Ghana

  24. Vanessa Amoako (2012 Recipient) Since I graduated, I have been working as a teaching assistant at my alma mater while pursuing a graduate degree in International Relations and Diplomacy.

  25. Vanessa Amoako (2012 Recipient) Currently in Ghana working at Ashesi University College.

  26. Vanessa Amoako (2012 Recipient) “The Peacemaking Scholarship has given me a greater appreciation of the world and the fact that we live in a diverse society, which can only function effectively if we respect one another and ensure that we live in peace.”

  27. Vanessa Amoako (2012 Recipient) “This scholarship has helped me become more aware of the need to solve the problems that exist in our society, especially in relation to protecting human rights and creating equal opportunities for all.”

  28. Amos Pomp • 2015 Recipient • Graduate of East Chapel Hill High School

  29. Amos Pomp (2015 Recipient) • Attending Northwestern University, Evanston, IL • Majoring in American Studies

  30. Amos Pomp (2015 Recipient) Peacemaking work while in college: Trying to make our hiking pre-orientation program more inclusive, working to source more sustainable and ethical food in our dining halls

  31. Amos Pomp (2015 Recipient) “Receiving this scholarship has reaffirmed for me that I want to work with intention to bring people together and make the world a more peaceful place.”

  32. Kate Wood • 2016 Recipient • Graduate of Carrboro High School

  33. Kate Wood (2016 Recipient) • Attending Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH • Majoring in Sociology • Will graduate in 2020

  34. Kate Wood (2016 Recipient) Peacemaking work while in college: Work at the campus non-profit center

  35. Kate Wood (2016 Recipient) “This scholarship helped defray the cost of my freshman year at college and helped me reflect on my interests in social peace and how to continue working towards peace in the future.”

  36. Jocelyn Buckley • 2016 Recipient • Graduate of Carrboro High School

  37. Jocelyn Buckley (2016 Recipient) • Attending George Washington University, Washington, DC • Majoring in International Affairs

  38. Jocelyn Buckley (2016 Recipient) Peacemaking work while in college: Worked as a Crisis Intervention Specialist for Rape Abuse Incest National Network

  39. Kenneth Xu • 2017 Recipient • Graduate of NC School of Science and Mathematics • Previously attended Chapel Hill High School

  40. Kenneth Xu (2017 Recipient) • Attending Yale University, New Haven, CT • Majoring in Environmental Studies and Economics

  41. Kenneth Xu (2017 Recipient) Peacemaking work while in college: I work in the Yale Office of Sustainability, leading campaigns and community outreach efforts for Yale's environmental initiatives.

  42. Kenneth Xu (2017 Recipient) I'm also a sustainability fellow for the International Alliance of Research Universities, helping to shape/coordinate environmental policy at the world's top universities (Cambridge, Oxford, Berkeley, etc.).

  43. Kenneth Xu (2017 Recipient) Haven't graduated yet, but I'll be interning in Sydney, Australia at a green business over the summer!

  44. Kenneth Xu (2017 Recipient) “Receiving this scholarship has made paying for my education less stressful, especially because my school's tuition is so expensive. I have more time to focus on my passions and, of course, my peacemaking activities.”

  45. NiyaFearrington • 2018 recipient • Graduate of Carrboro High School

  46. NiyaFearrington (2018 Recipient) • Student Body President • Member of the Minority Student Achievement Network • NAACP Youth Council Leader • Co-founder of Black Girls for Black Girls Club • Varsity Cheerleader Team Captain • Received the William and Mary Leadership Award

  47. NiyaFearrington (2018 Recipient) • This fall Niya plans to attend Howard University, majoring in Healthcare Policy and Administration. • She aspires to serve as a nurse, then do health policy work, • in order to ensure the best health care for all, while being a mentor for young girls like herself.

  48. BhairavyPuviindren • 2018 Recipient • Graduate of Carrboro High School

  49. BhairavyPuviindren (2018 Recipient) • Active member of NC for Peace Foundation • Co-president of NC Youth for Peace and Red Cross Club • Steering committee member of the Global Health Club • UNC and Duke Hospitals volunteer

  50. BhairavyPuviindren (2018 Recipient) • Aspires to a career - • Striving for solutions that help people through medical aid, research and global health • Providing effective health care to people who are neglected or ignored • Advocating for equality

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