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Research Admin Buzz. Thursday, February 6, 2014. Grants and Contracts Accounting. Sandra Mason. G&C Updates. NIH Policy Changes relating to billing, financial reporting, and grant close-out

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Research admin buzz

Research Admin Buzz

Thursday, February 6, 2014

G c updates
G&C Updates

  • NIH Policy Changes relating to billing, financial reporting, and grant close-out

    • Notice NOT-OD-13-120 NIH Domestic Awards to Transition to Payment Management System Subaccounts in FY 2014 and FY 2015

    • Phased implementation

      • New awards – effective 10/1/13

      • Continuation awards – effective 10/1/14

G c updates1
G&C Updates

  • Current impact is predominantly in OSP and Grants & Contracts Accounting

  • Future impact to departments to be determined as NIH requirements are implemented for continuation awards (initial awards under old billing and financial reporting guidance/continuation awards under new guidance)

G c updates2
G&C Updates

  • NIH Grants Closeout Policy

    • “In an effort to promote more timely financial closeout of awards, the Payment Management System will now hold payment requests for funds in subaccounts for awards that are 90 days beyond the project period end date. Funds requests for these awards will not be processed unless, and until, the awarding Agency has approved the payment request.”

G c updates3
G&C Updates

  • Focus on “90 Days” after end date:

    • Very important to post salary and other expenses timely

    • Impact on sub-awards – final invoices must be received and processed for payment so GTRC can be reimbursed

    • Where GT is a sub-awardee under another organization’s NIH award, they will expect final invoices to be submitted timely as well

G c updates4
G&C Updates

  • Upcoming Events

    • Year End Town Hall Meeting

      • Wednesday, March 26th at 9:00 AM

    • Cost Sharing

      • Adding Cost Share commitments on Sub-awards to G&C’s periodic analysis

        • Are sub-awardees providing C/S information with their invoices?

      • FAQs developed from Lunch & Learn coming soon

    • Space Survey – training and schedule to be announced

Use of the prl
Use of the PRL

  • Each faculty member that uses the services of the Physiological Research Laboratory and incurs costs which may include per diem and other charges for personnel costs, pharmaceuticals, materials, and supplies, and related costs shall follow the following procedures.

Procuring animals
Procuring Animals

  • PI, or designee, shall complete the Request for Vertebrate Animal Procurement form

    • Form must contain:

      • Campus reference number

      • Signature from Dept. Financial Mgr (FM) or Accountant

        • The FM or Accountant in signing the above listed form should have the PD/PI’s IACUC approval letter which will include the approved project number for the IACUC scope of work.

Animal procurement
Animal Procurement

  • Procurement of vertebrate animals is centralized in Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC). Independent ordering of vertebrate animals by Principal Investigators, students, or departmental personnel is specifically prohibited. No animal purchases shall be made until the proposed protocol has received IACUC approval.


Use of prl
Use of PRL

  • Interdepartmental Sales & Services form shall be completed prior to utilizing the PRL services

    • Initiated with no funding limitation/threshold

    • Signed by a FM or Accountant

    • Contain campus reference number

Fm and accountants
FM and Accountants

  • FM or Accountant in signing the previously mentioned form should have the PD/PI’s IACUC approval letter

  • It is recommended that in order to accurately monitor per diem expenses and other PRL costs a sub-project in the Project Expense & Budget (PEB) be set up for those charges

Approving charges
Approving Charges

  • In the event that the faculty member requesting the services of the PRL is NOT the Principal Investigator of record for the sponsored project or subproject, or is not the account-holder of record for the account to be charged, it is the FM or Accountant’s responsibility to obtain approval from the person authorized by the Institute to approve charges for that project or account.

Expired protocols
Expired Protocols

  • If an IACUC protocol should expire, the School’s cost overrun project will incur the charges. It is the responsibility of the school/department to transfer the charges to another project identified in the IACUC protocol.

Cost transfers
Cost Transfers

  • Additional care should be taken when considering transferring PRL and animal expenses between projects to ensure that appropriately approved protocols are on file. A copy of the IACUC approval letter and/or Interdepartmental Sales & Service form should be included with the supporting documentation whether the expense is transferred via Electronic Cost Transfer (ECT) or paper Cost Transfer form to Grants and Contracts Accounting.

Ncura dra

  • April 28- 30th 2014

  • Limited spaces availability

    • 1 seat per department

    • 5 seats per college

  • Faculty

    • Sam Westcott- Saban Research Institute, Children’s Hospital LA

    • Aimee Howell- Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County

    • Glenda Bullock- Dept. of Medicine, Washington Univ.

  • Questions or Suggestions please contact Michelle Powell or Candice Ferguson

Osp department certificate
OSP Department Certificate

  • Course Addition: Allowable and Unallowable Costs

  • New Requirement: 6 core, 2 elective, 1 exam

  • February 18-20


Grants reform
Grants Reform

  • Final guidance supersedes and streamlines OMB Circulars A-21*, A-87, A-110*, A-122, A-89, A-102, and A-133*

  • Effective Date:

    • Agencies: December 26, 2014

  • Agencies to release new guidance in June

Pi eligibility policy
PI Eligibility Policy

  • Who can be PI?

    • If a PI is leaving GT for employment somewhere else, they CAN NOT be PI on a project

    • Affiliates and adjuncts do not have access to CIS or MyResearch Portal unless white-listed

Revised minimum effort policy
REVISED: Minimum Effort Policy


  • 2.1.6 Minimum Effort

  • Greater clarification of

    • terms,

    • exceptions,

    • sponsor considerations,

    • effort reporting,

    • and cost sharing

Interdivisional transfers
Interdivisional Transfers

  • From GTRI- contact SPA rep to establish a sub account


  • From Resident Instruction- contact your financial rep


Revised participant support
REVISED: Participant Support

  • In the absence of an agency’s specific, written, across-the-board policy on excluding Participant Support from the indirect cost calculation, Georgia Tech WILL charge indirect costs to Participant Support


Air force
Air Force

  • Is tying expenditures with obligations

  • Submit timely vouchers or… you won’t get more money

    • Make sure you are billing on a regular basis

New nsf guidance
New NSF Guidance

  • NSF PAPPG 14-1

  • Effective: 2/24/2014

  • SEARCH: PAPPG 14-1

Summary of changes gpg
Summary of Changes: GPG

  • Chapter I.A, NSF Proposal Preparation and Submission

  • Chapter II.B, Format of the Proposal

  • Chapter II.C.2, Sections of the Proposal

  • Chapter II.C.2.b, Project Summary

  • Chapter II.C.2.d(iii), Results from Prior NSF Support

Summary of changes gpg1
Summary of Changes: GPG

  • Chapter II.C.2.d(iv), Unfunded Collaborations

  • Chapter II.D.4.b, Submission of a collaborative proposal from multiple organizations

  • Chapter II.C.2.b, Project Summary

  • Chapter II.D.5, Proposals for Equipment,

  • Chapter II.D.8, Proposals for Conferences, Symposia and Workshops

Summary of changes aag
Summary of Changes: AAG

  • Chapter II.B.2.d(ii), Long-Term Absence of the PI/PD or co-PI/co-PD

  • Chapter II.E, Annual and Final Project Reports

  • Chapter IV.A.6, Conflict of Interest Policies

  • Chapter V.B.8.a, Participant Support Costs, General

Myresearch portal
MyResearch Portal


  • Open to all with Techworks ID and password

  • Rollout March 2014

    • Whistle

    • Letters

    • Videos