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ITSC Services, HostNet Setup, & Virus Protection

ITSC Services, HostNet Setup, & Virus Protection. Desmond Ho – ITSC 5:30pm – 7:30pm 11 th September 2006 MBG07. Agenda. 1. ITSC Services. 2. Hostel Network. 3. Protecting Your PC. ITSC Services. Where To Get Help?. Lab Opening Hours. Printing – Using Your Print Account.

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ITSC Services, HostNet Setup, & Virus Protection

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  1. ITSC Services, HostNet Setup, & Virus Protection Desmond Ho – ITSC 5:30pm – 7:30pm 11th September 2006 MBG07

  2. Agenda 1. ITSC Services 2. Hostel Network 3. Protecting Your PC

  3. ITSC Services

  4. Where To Get Help?

  5. Lab Opening Hours

  6. Printing – Using Your Print Account Where can I CREDIT my print account? • Library Circulation Counter. • Comptroller’s Office, 1/F. Wong Administration Building Where can I USE my print account? • All Computer Labs & Library. • A3 Laser Color Printers can be found at MB202 and IC. How much do you charge on my print account? • Black & White • A4 - $0.3 per page • A3 - $0.6 per page • Color • A4 - $3.0 per page • A3 - $6.0 per page

  7. Printing – Using Your Octopus Card Where can I find the Octopus Printers? • There are totally 4 Octopus printers (Panasonic DP-4530) on campus: • IC, Library • MB202 • BU220 • NAB209 How can I use the Octopus printer? • Login to a computer in one of the mentioned locations. • Select the print queue Panasonic DP-4530 when print. • Enter a 4-digit user ID and a 4-digit password when prompted. (You are recommended to use the last 4 digits of your student ID) • Go to the Octopus printer, insert your Octopus card and press the Print button. • Enter the user ID and password on the printer panel to release your print job(s).

  8. Procedures for Octopus Printing 1

  9. Procedures for Octopus Printing 2

  10. Email Services • How much email quota do I have? • 50MB • Which email clients can I use to check my email? • WebMail (http://webmail.ln.edu.hk/) • Any popular email application, such as Outlook, OE, Netscape Mail, Thunderbird, etc. • What are the Lingnan email servers? • Incoming (POP3/IMAP): studmail1.ln.edu.hk • Outgoing (SMTP): mailgate.ln.edu.hk • How can I check my email quota? • Selecting Checking Email Quota at the ITSC website. • Login with your email username and password.

  11. Equipment On-loan • What kind of AV/PC equipment can I borrow from ITSC? • Portable PA system with built-in speakers and microphone. • Wire & wireless microphone. • MP3 recorder. • AV/TV set on trolley. • LCD projector. • Overhead Projector. • Computer notebook. • DV & DC. • How can I apply to borrow the equipment? • Download and fill in the Application Form at http://www.ln.edu.hk/itsc/usg/av/avinfo/itsc_avform/AppForm_OnLoanSupport.pdf • Submit the completed form in person at MB101/34 or by fax at 2461-3610. • Where can I see more details about the equipment on-loan? http://www.ln.edu.hk/itsc/usg/av/avinfo/itsc_onloan/index.html

  12. Multimedia (MM) Booths • Where are the MM booths? • 1/F. Library, next to the IC area. • What can I do at the MM booths? • Multimedia production, • VCD/DVD Production, • Computer Audio Recording, • Computer Non-linear Video Editing (IEEE1394 input), • Video/Audio Dubbing, • Video Format Conversion, etc. • How can I book for the MM booths? • Get and fill in the application form at IC counter. • Return the completed form to Library circulation counter. • Where can I see more details about the MM Booths? http://www.ln.edu.hk/itsc/usg/av/avinfo/itsc_multimedia/index.html

  13. Connecting to Hostel Network • Do I need to register for the Hostel Network Connection? • NO registration is required started from this term. • What equipment do I need for the connection? • A computer with an Ethernet adapter (LAN card) • A LAN cable • Any system configuration is needed? • Proxy Setting for the Internet browser: • Address: cache2.ln.edu.hk • Port: 8080

  14. Connecting to Hostel Network • What can I do if the connection is not working if the configurations are correct? • 1st Thing to Try: connect your PC to someone else’s (who is able to connect) LAN point. • Is the light of your LAN card on? • Is the cable plugged in properly (both ends)? • Is the driver of your LAN card installed properly? • If ALL of the above is ok and the problem persists, you can: • Send a message to network@ln.edu.hk with your name, room number, LAN point number, and your contact number. • Call the student services hotline at 2616-8400.

  15. Wireless LAN • IEEE 802.11b/g compliant wireless LAN. • Some popular coverage areas: Lecture Theatres, Canteen, Library, Chinese Restaurant at AM Building, Wing On Plaza, the whole New Academic Building (NAB), etc. • Wireless LAN System (SSID:LUWLAN) Registration Required. Please register online (Lingnan homepage  ITSC  Staff  Wireless LAN under Internet Services) • New Wireless LAN System (SSID: LUWLAN1) will replace the old Wireless LAN System in December 2006, student can use their email ID and password to access the internet without registration. Now, it is available in the NAB. (Please check our ITSC website for more details) • Wireless LAN system will be extended to Hostel in Spring 2007. • HomePage for WLAN : http://www.ln.edu.hk/itsc/tsg/wireless/wlan_student.shtml

  16. IL/IT Training Courses • IL/IT Courses offered in this term • ITS110 – IT Security • ITS120 – Getting the Best From MS Windows • ITS140 – Chinese Character Input – the Cangjie (倉頡) Way • ITS150 – Using MS Word for Assignments • ITS160 – Analysis/Evaluation of Information Using MS Excel • ITS170 – Creating Electronic Presentations with MS PowerPoint • ITS180 – Creating Your Own Home Page with Dreamweaver • ITS210 – How To Use Your Email Smartly • ITS220 – How To Prevent Your PC From Infected by Virus • ITS230 – How To Manage Your Data Efficiently • ITS240 – Creating Web Animations with Flash • ITS250 – Photo Editing with Photoshop • Register at:http://www.ln.edu.hk/itsc/infolit/

  17. Useful Links / Info ITSC Home Page http://www.ln.edu.hk/itsc/ Change Password http://www.ln.edu.hk/itsc/info/changing_passwords_student.shtml User Guides http://www.ln.edu.hk/itsc/info/publication/user_guides_student.shtml Frequently Asked Questions http://www.ln.edu.hk/itsc/ic/

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