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Unit 10 – Solutions

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Unit 10 – Solutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 10 – Solutions. 10.1 Discussing Ideas. 10.1 – 2 a. a team meeting manufacturer 製造商 of blank 空白 CDs and CD packaging 包裝 What are the team discussing? How could they make the product better? What areas of the product could they improve? What suggestions do they make?

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Presentation Transcript
10 1 2 a
10.1 – 2 a
  • a team meeting
  • manufacturer 製造商 of blank空白 CDs and CD packaging 包裝
  • What are the team discussing?
  • How could they make the product better?
  • What areas of the product could they improve?
  • What suggestions do they make?
  • Change the packaging material of the CD
  • Change the size of the pack
  • Sell more CDs in a pack
  • Sell big storage boxes with CDs
  • Print numbers on CDs in a pack
  • Produce a big plastic box with a hundred blank CDs
10 1 2b
10.1 – 2b
  • A: ….some new ideas. How could we make the product better?

2. A: Any suggestions?

B: _______ about changing the packaging? We could change the material.

3. A: Yeah. Packaging material. OK.

C: _______ about changing the size?

4. C: No, the pack. Why ______ we sell more CDs in a pack, for example?






5. A: So, bigger packs. They could be smaller, as well.

B: Why ________sell big boxes – big storage (保存)boxes…?

6. B: Then you wouldn’t need packaging.

A: So that ______________ be a new product.

7. A: That’s a good idea. We could use that idea with the storage box.

8. A: That’s an__________ idea



10 1 2e

We could….?

Why don’t we…..?

How about….?

Why not …..?

  • produce CDs in different colors
  • use tubes for packing
  • make square CDs
  • look for new places to sell CDs
  • think about new ways to advertise.
serious creativity using the power of thinking to create
Serious Creativity: Using the Power of _________ Thinking to Create_________ _________


  • think laterally :



  • to think of new ideas, you need to ‘think laterally.’
  • think differently
  • specific (特別的)technique (技術)developed by…
  • a leading (主要的)(最重要的) expert (專家)in thinking skills
  • worked as a consultant (顧問)for companies and governments
  • explain 解釋
10 1 2c
10.1 – 2c
  • Let’s think about packaging and storing CDs.
  • OK. What would happens if you made packaging from water?
  • You _________ only use water if you froze CDs in ice.
  • Obviously, you _________ use ice for packaging CDs to sell in shops.
  • No. But let’s think about the possible advantages of putting CDs in ice.





b. specific ideas



c. lateral


  • If you stored them in ice, it _________ protect(保護)them from fire or thieves.
  • You could store important data safely on CD-ROMs in big blocks of ice.
  • You could build an ‘ice data bank’ for storing data safely and permanently (永久的).
  • And if it was in a cold country it ________ be expensive.


exercise 10 2 p 101
Exercise 10, #2, p.101
  • If CDs didn’t have packing, they would be cheaper.
  • Our CDs would sell more if they were cheaper.
  • If we lowered the price, we would sell more.
  • I think we would sell more CDs if we sold them in bigger packs.
  • If we used lateral thinking, we would have better ideas.
communication practice
Communication Practice
  • What would happen if…..?
  • The power rate increased overnight by 100%.
  • There were no plastic for packing.
  • From next month, Facebook announced to charge $ 100 annual fee for using it.
communication practice 28
Communication Practice 28

You worked for SunSol, a sunglass company based on (位於)California. You manufacture(make) sunglasses at your factory near San Francisco and sell glasses to the US market. Sales are down this year, and you need to cut costs, improve sales and increase profits by the end of the year. Discuss these areas with your partner and make suggestions.

  • A: OK, I’ve got an idea. How about…..?
  • B: That’s an interesting idea, but what about….?
  • production costs in the US
  • new products
  • new markets
  • marketing / advertising
  • price
  • discounts
10 3 2b
10.3- 2b

1. Where did Rachel change trains?

B’ham (Birmingham)

2. Why did she arrive late in London?

She missed the connection in B’ham.

3. On which part of her trip did she have to stand?

From B’ham to London.

4. How did she get from the airport to Reykjavik?

By bus.

5. Why is she surprised when she arrives in Iceland?

There was snow in the UK, but there was no snow in Iceland.

10 3 1 d
10.3 1.d

What happened, and what problems she had, during each part of the journey.

10 3 3b
10.3 – 3b


1. The next train is at 9: 30.

2. Rachel’s ticket is for the next train.

I missed my connection to London.

I was booked on the 9:30.

…..if my ticket’s valid for the next train….at half past ten.

3. She could book a seat on the next train.


You won’t have a seat reservation.

4. She could go first class if she paid more.

You can upgrade it. You just pay a supplement.

5. She changes her ticket.

I don’t think my company would pay any expenses in first class!

6. The next train is running on time.

4 minutes late






1. A: Do I get my money back?

B: Yes, we can give you a refund.

2. I can’t go, so I want to cancel the reservation.

3. Can I upgrade the ticket from second class to first class?

4. A: Would it cost any more?

B: Yes. You’d have to pay a supplement.

5. You can’t use that ticket on this train. It’s not valid.