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Reading 3
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  1. Reading 3 Marriage Is a Private Affair

  2. Vocabulary • Ail: vt, vi, • 1. to cause problems for sb/sth. • Ex. They discussed the problems ailing the steel industry. • 2. to make sb ill/sick • Ex. What is ailing you? • Ailment: n.: an illness that is not very serious • Ex. Chronic ailment/common ailment/minor ailment

  3. vocabulary • Amazon: noun • 1. (in ancient Greek stories) a woman from a tribe of female warriors • 2. (amazon) (literary): a tall strong woman • Menace: • As a noun: • 1. a person or thing that will probably cause serious damage, harm or danger (syn.: threat) • Ex. The new law is a new initiative aimed at beating the menace of illegal drugs.

  4. vocabulary • Dis + concert = disconcert • Disconcert: vt, to make sb feel anxious, confused or embarrassed • Ex. His answer rather disconcerted her. • Disconcerted: adj, • Ex. I was very disconcerted to find that everyone else already knew it. • Disconcerting: adj, • Ex. She had the disconcerting habit of saying exactly what she thought.

  5. vocabulary • Menace: • As a noun: • 2. an atmosphere that makes you fell threatened or frightened • Ex. There is a sense/an air/a hint of menace in his voice. • 3. a person or thing that is annoying or causes trouble (syn. nuisance) • Ex. Slugs can be a menace in the greenhouse in winter.

  6. vocabulary • Menace: • As a verb: • 1. to be a possible danger to sth/sb (syn. Threaten) • Ex. The forests are being menaced by major development projects. • Com (表示 “一起” “共同” “完全” 用於,b, p, m, 之前) + miserate (misery) • Commiserate:

  7. vocabulary • Commiserate (with sb) (on/about/for/over sth): v, to show sb sympathy when they are upset or disapponted about sth • Ex. She commiserated with the losers on their defeat. • Obstinate: adj. • 1. (often disapproving) refusing to change your opinion, way of behaving, etc, when other people try to persuade you to (syn. Stubborn) • Ex. He can be very obstinate when he wants to be! • She showed her obstinate refusal to comply with their request

  8. vocabulary • Obstinate: adj. • 2. difficult to get rid of or deal with (syn. stubborn) • Ex. The government is trying hard to resolve the obstinate problem of unemployment. • There is an obstinate stain on my T-shirt.

  9. vocabulary • Mutilate: verb • 1. to damage sb’s body very severely, especially by cutting or tearing off part of it • Ex. The body had been badly mutilated. • 2. to damage sth very badly • Ex. This church was severely mutilated during the civil war. • Mutilation: noun • Ex. Thousands suffered death or mutilation in the bomb blast.

  10. vocabulary • Defer (to): vt and vi, to obey sb • Ex. I will be happy to defer to your advice on these matters. • I defer to my parents because they are older and wiser. • You could defer (委託) the matter to your colleague • Deference: n, behaviour that shows that you respect sb/sth • Ex. The women wore veils in deference to the customs of the country. • The flags were lowered out of deference to the bereaved family.

  11. vocabulary • Grudge: noun, a feeling of anger or dislike towards sb because of sth bad they have done to you in the past • Ex. I bear him no grudge. • He has a grudge against the world. • England beat New Zealand in a grudge match (= a match where there is strong dislike between the teams).

  12. vocabulary • Grudge: vt, to do or give sth unwillingly • Ex. (V –ing) I grudge having to pay so much tax. • He grudges the time he spends travelling to work. • Grudging: adj. (syn. reluctant) • He could not help feeling a grudging admiration for the old lady. • Grudgingly: adv. • Ex. She grudgingly admitted that I was right. • Grudger: noun

  13. vocabulary • Perfunctory: adj, (formal) (of an action) done as a duty or habit, without real interest, attention or feeling • Ex. I said my sincere greetings to John but he only gave me a perfunctory smile/nod. • They only made a perfunctory effort. • Perfunctorily: adv

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