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Facebook Project – Erin Sumner

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Facebook Project – Erin Sumner - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Facebook Project – Erin Sumner. You can complete one or more of the following pages on a historical figure. Insert the historical figures picture and name on each page you select to complete. INFO - Fill out as if you were that historical person.

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Facebook Project – Erin Sumner

  • You can complete one or more of the following pages on a historical figure.
  • Insert the historical figures picture and name on each page you select to complete.
  • INFO - Fill out as if you were that historical person.
  • FRIENDS – Type in the name of the people who would have been involved with the historical figure. Put a picture or symbols for each friend. This could include people who were not their friends.
  • WALL - This should be a time line of some important event. Pick one or more of the historical figures friend to set the time. It can be in years. Great place to use people who did not agree with them.
  • PHOTOS –Use different pictures that illustrates aspects of their lives – family, important sites, etc.
  • NOTES – Copy of a speech or short explanation of something that was important in their lives.

Facebook can help you connect and share history of people’s lives.

Paul Revere

SPECIAL NOTE: All pictures and facts must be end noted.

Contact if there is a problem with this file.

paul revere

> Info


I am:




Interested in:


Places I have traveled :

Other :

January 1, 1735 (1)

Male (1)

I attended school until I was 13 years old and the North Writing School. I then decided to quit school to become an apprentice to my father as a goldsmith and a silversmith. (1 and 2)


North End Neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts (3)

I am an experienced silversmith, goldsmith, dentist, copperplate engraver, and store owner. (3)

I enjoy spending my free time gathering intelligence information by “watching the movements of the British.” (2)

Americans shall be free from the British. (10)

Paul Revere

Boston, Charlestown, Lexington, and Concord (3)

“The regulars are coming out! The regulars are coming out!” (3)

paul revere1

> Friends

Rachel Walker – Wife (4)


Robert Newman – North Church Sexton – Friend (5)

John Hancock – Friend (6 and 1)

Dr. Joseph Warren – Friend from Masonic Lodge – Leader of Boston’s Sons of Liberty (8)

Paul Revere

William Dawes – Coworker (7)

paul revere2

> Photos

I enjoy engraving cartoons that support the patriots cause. This particular engraving is of the Boston Massacre. I have been told that my work has been known to influence the opinions of the colonists.(3)


North Church (3)


My horse Brown Beauty


Paul Revere

My house and courtyard in North Square (11)

paul revere3

> Wall

Dr. Joseph Warren

Paul, I have a job for you. I need you to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock we have word that the British are about to descend upon Lexington to arrest them.

April 17, 1775


Paul Revere

Dr. Joseph Warren I will get on that immediately. I will talk with Bently and Richardson to see if I can get a row to Charleston. I will also talk with Robert Newman the Sexton at Old North Church. We will hang two lanterns in the church steeple if the British are traveling by sea.

April 17, 1775

Robert Newman

Paul, I saw your correspondence with Dr. Joseph Warren. We will need to work quietly to keep this under wraps, but with the help of other church officials I will hang two lanterns in the church steeple on April 18th to warn Charlestown that the British will be arriving by sea.

Paul Revere

Paul Revere

Thanks Newman! I will have Bently and Richardson row me across the river to Charlestown to insure that the message was received by the minutemen. If okay with you I would like to borrow your horse Brown Beauty. I will then ride to Lexington to insure that the message is transferred to Samuel Adams and John Hancock. If all goes well I should arrive sometime tonight- just in time to warn them of the British’s plans to arrest them.

paul revere4

> Notes



A map of the ride I took to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock on April 18, 1775. (9)

Paul Revere