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Marley. Ellis. 5 facts. His dreadlocks symbolize his connection to his religion

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5 facts
5 facts

  • His dreadlocks symbolize his connection to his religion

  • Just before Marley’s free concert, held at Kingston’s National Heroes Park on December 5, 1976, gunmen broke into Marley’s house and shot him on December 3. On December 5, he came on stage and played a brief set in defiance of the attack

  • In April 1978, Bob Marley returned from the UK to Jamaica to play the One Love Peace Concert

  • Nobody really knows what the word “reggae” means, or how it originated

  • Bob’s mother had a child by Bunny Wailer’s dad when they were all living together in Trenchtown That’s how close Bob and Bunny were


  • Bob Marley was born Robert Nesta Marley in Rhoden Hall, St. Ann on February 6, 1945

  • His father was white and a European hunter

  • His mother was African American

Starting career
Starting career

  • In 1962, Marley’s first record ‘Judge Not’ was released. By the following year, Bob linked up with Bunny and Peter to form The Wailing Wailers.

  • In 1963 Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd, a record producer and one of the finest sound system men in Kingston, recorded The Wailing Wailers first single, ‘Simmer Down’ at his Studio One company. By the following January it was number one on the Jamaican charts.

  • “Tuff Gong,” the name of Bob’s recording label, was a nickname Bob earned for himself in the Kingston ghetto of Trenchtown

The whalers
The whalers

  • He met the wailers when he first began recording in Kingston Jamaica

  • He had a kid with one of the wailers

His influences
His influences

  • His greatest influence in music was his religion

  • Marijuana was one of his influences

  • Jah the Rastafarian belief of the second coming of Jesus


  • In his last few weeks of his life his dreadlocks fell out

  • His cancer was caused by melanoma in the foot

  • He only had one toe cut off because he wanted to still be able to dance

  • He got the melanoma by playing soccer someone stomped on his foot

  • His final words where “money cant buy life”

He has influenced
He has influenced

  • Ziggy

  • snoop dogg (lion)

  • Nas

  • The Fugees

  • Drake

  • Rihanna