fashion in the 1700 n.
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Fashion in the 1700

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Fashion in the 1700 . By: Khalil Carter. Fashion.

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fashion in the 1700

Fashion in the 1700

By: Khalil Carter


The fashion in the 1770 mostly look liked Close caps, resembling night-For a very short period men attempted to vie with women in the height of their head-dresses. Caps. Women's day clothing was a simple white cotton dress with straight sleeves and a empire waist.


Wigs were surprisingly popular during this time period. When French women started to put there hair up all nice and tall America tried to replicate the fashion. The martials usually used in these wig were wool, tow, or padding with lots of shape put into it. Sometimes they would even use bread powder to shape up the wig. To decorate these white powdery towers they would put beautiful ribbons on top.


Transportation in the 18th century was simple to todays standards. Usually most people just walk or rode a horse and buggy. Most people couldn't afford a carriage so most of the they just walked. Another thing was a sailing vessel. Overseas vessels would sometime carry cargo to transport.


Technology in the 18th century is very dated to today standards. Back in the 18th century most of the modern technology was sewing machines which sewed together wool, hemp, and many other raw materials.


The guillotine was popular for common executions in the 1700. Dr. Joseph-IgnaceGuillotine said the guillotine was still a humane way for execution then just normal decaptation from a sword. The most famous victims of the guillotine include the deposed French King Louis XVI and his extravagant wife Queen Marie Antoinette, who were beheaded on January 21, 1793.


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