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Wayne Curry

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Wayne Curry
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Wayne Curry

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  1. Tips to Prevent Dogs from BitingBy:- Wayne Curry

  2. Most people love to keep pets especially dogs. Dogs are regarded as very friendly and social animals but still some people are afraid to keep dogs as they are afraid of being bitten. If you have knowledge about dogs, you can prevent your pet from biting. Wayne Curry is the owner of Kraftwerk K9, a leading German Shepherd dog breeding and training facility based in Rochester, WA.

  3. Wayne Curry is himself is a successful world championship competitor and national champion. Here are a few tips from Wayne Curry to help you in reducing the risks of your dog attacking anyone: • You can prevent your dog from biting if it is familiar with the people and the environment. The first 8-16 weeks are of utmost importance, and you need to ensure that your dog has pleasant encounters with objects, people, etc. according to Wayne Curry.

  4. You can also create a dog house for your dog where it can find peace and feel safe. In a stressful situation, the dog will retreat to its dog house rather than attacking anyone says Wayne Curry. • It is a good idea to tie a dog when walking but if you tie your dog at home, do not tie it at the same place for more than 8 hours suggests Wayne Curry. By being tied at the same place, dogs tend to become aggressive, and if they are approached by someone, they feel that their territory is being intruded and since they can not flee, they attack. If you have your dog on leash while walking, then you ensure that it will not be able to bit even if it encounters a stressful situation.

  5. You can also get your dogs trained from professionals who have years of experience. The trainers know the best methods to groom the dogs. If you are looking for highly trained German Shepherds, then GSD Kraftwerk K9 is the place to be. Here you can buy puppies, older puppies, and a wide range of products like agitation muzzles, handler apparel, harnesses and long lines and much more. Browse through http://www.kraftwerkk9.com for more information on Wayne Curry and GSD Kraftwerk K9.