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wayne curry trained and handled various dogs in over 100 competitions l.
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Wayne Curry - Owner PowerPoint Presentation
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Wayne Curry - Owner

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Wayne Curry - Owner
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Wayne Curry - Owner

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  1. Wayne Curry-Trained And Handled Various Dogs In Over 100 Competitions

  2. Wayne Curry is a renowned dog breeder and trainer from Rochester, WA and has been passionate about the German Shepherd dogs since the age of eight. He has been in this field since 1987 and has handled and trained different dogs in over 100 competitions. The first German Shepherd which was handled by him became the Pacific Northwest Champion and later with another dog whom he trained, Wayne became the highest scoring SchH3 team with 295 points in the Pacific Northwest.

  3. Donna Haugen and family, AZ, wrote, “Dear Wayne, we just wanted you to know how much we love Cherie! She is the best dog, with perfect manners and habits! She became one of our family members right when she stepped out of the kennel. I would have to say she is perfect! She never leaves my side and follows me around the house all day long! She goes everywhere with us that dogs are allowed. She is the perfect family dog.

  4. She is so calm, loving, and stable, I hardly ever hear her bark and she loves everyone. It's truly amazing to see her work on the field; one can't believe her bark and bite if they haven't seen her in action. Thank-you so much for finding our family the perfect dog! A 70lb black lab attacked my daughter when she was 3 1/2years old and she had to have 50 plus stitches in her face.

  5. As you can imagine we were very concerned about getting a large dog, but as you assured us a well trained stable dog is just that and you were right! I've never once worried about her around our now 12 year old daughter or any other kids of any age that come over. Thank-you We love Cherie so much and know that she loves us and her new home too.”

  6. About Wayne Curry • Wayne Curry is a leading German Shepherd dog breeder and trainer based in Rochester, WA and also the owner of Kraftwerk K9, a dog breeding and training facility. He is a successful world championship competitor and national champion. Wayne Curry offers puppies, older puppies, trained dogs, and a wide range of products for dog care and training. Please browse through for http://gsdkraftwerkk9.com more information.