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wayne curry is a well known breeder of german shepherd dogs l.
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Wayne Curry

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Wayne Curry
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Wayne Curry

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  1. Wayne Curry Is A Well Known Breeder Of German Shepherd Dogs

  2. Wayne Curry, owner of a dog training and breeding firm Kraftwerk K9, is a well known breeder of German Shepherd dogs. He has been interested in this breed since the age of eight years. His firm has been offering dogs to families, police, Schutzhund handlers and other working sport homes as well as high profile individuals.

  3. The firm provides the dogs a loving, caring and healthy environment which helps in making them protective and obedient towards their owners. • Jon Stocking, OR wrote to Wayne, “Dear Wayne, I wanted to drop you a quick note in appreciation for all that you have done for me and my German Shepherd that I purchased from you.

  4. Bac and I have been together for about six months now and I honestly had no idea how strong a bond could be between our respective species. It's almost as though I'm living a Disney movie come to life. He rarely lets me out of his sight, not because he's trained to, but because he wants to. That's an incredibly strong sense of connection and relationship. I needed a dog for protection, but also wanted a dog that would be on a verbal leash so to speak.

  5. Having a titled dog is something I wasn't intending, but I can't imagine any dog responding to commands with such ease as I have experienced with Bac. He makes me look like an experienced trainer. My family and I now enjoy a level of comfort and security that we never had before. Not that I would, but I could leave a bucket full of money on the seat of my car, and no one would ever get to it when Bac is present.

  6. I've owned dogs my whole life and none have come close to the loyalty, intelligence and attachment that I enjoy with Bac. I also appreciated the time you spent with me and want you to know how impressed I was with your facilities. One look and I knew that you and your staff care very deeply about your dogs. Your trainer told me how much he loved working with the dogs. "It's like a drug" he said, and I know exactly what he means.”

  7. About Wayne Curry

  8. Wayne Curry is a leading German Shepherd dog breeder and trainer based in Rochester, WA and also the owner of Kraftwerk K9, a dog breeding and training facility. He is a successful world championship competitor and national champion. Wayne Curry offers puppies, older puppies, trained dogs, and a wide range of products for dog care and training. Please browse through http://gsdkraftwerkk9.infofor more information.