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kraftwerk k9 has grown immensely in popularity over the years l.
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Kraftwerk K9 - Dog Training Firm PowerPoint Presentation
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Kraftwerk K9 - Dog Training Firm

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Kraftwerk K9 - Dog Training Firm
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Kraftwerk K9 - Dog Training Firm

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  1. Kraftwerk K9 Has Grown Immensely In Popularity Over The Years

  2. Kraftwerk K9 is a prominent dog training and breeding firm located in Rochester, WA. Owned by Wayne Curry, this firm provides well trained dogs to families, police, Schutzhund handlers and other working sport homes as well as high profile individuals. This firm has gained immense popularity over the years due to the constant hard work and sheer dedication of Wayne Curry. He is known for teaching the dogs to be obedient and protective of their owners.

  3. Jana Martin, NY wrote to Wayne, “I wanted to send a picture of Lee to go with my recent bragfest. She is now learning the finer points of obedience and doesn't just turn; she leaps into place at the word fuss. By leap I mean about six feet in the air. She's lightning fast. She'll also stand in place, but is so happy with the world that she can't help but turn her head and smile for the camera.

  4. And we're moving to Woodstock full time, hooray! Now, finally, a real dog's life. I'll contact you with change of address. Hoping to get another kraftwerk dog soon to keep her company (just don't tell my husband yet-- :)

  5. About Kraftwerk K9 • Kraftwerk K9 is a leading German Shepherd dog breeding and training facility based in Rochester, WA. This facility was founded by Wayne Curry who himself is a successful world championship competitor and national champion. Here, a dog lover can find puppies, older puppies, trained dogs, and a wide range of products for dog care and training. Please browse through for http://gsdkraftwerkk9.commore information.