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Analytics – Practically the boss of digital marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Analytics – Practically the boss of digital marketing

Analytics – Practically the boss of digital marketing

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Analytics – Practically the boss of digital marketing

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  1. Analytics

  2. Practically the boss of digital marketing • Well, as a brand you can never spell success without numbers. The numbers should never flee from your mind or you are in big trouble. Digital marketing works no different in this aspect. Analytics plays a key role in reflecting the strength of your campaign and how much success it has and it will lead you to. • The real reason behind failed campaigns

  3. Most of the times we look at a very attractive ad camping on the digital media and assume this campaign must have gathered tons of success. But we are seldom right. Many of these campaigns although lack no creativity or passionate people working to make it succeed make it no big. It is just that the people diverged from the very purpose of concentrating on the data and numbers and lose track of why they started it. With almost every business harnessing the power of digital marketing it is quite often that we find companies existing rather than living in these digital platforms. • Why is analytics important for digital marketing?

  4. Analytics gives a glimpse of how much your customers enjoy a campaign. The numbers serve as an immediate feedback, a true reflection of how much reach your ad has got and how much of it has turned into a sale. All of this is important for a business as these digital marketing campaigns are aimed to boost sales or reach out to customers as a brand. • Why digital marketing analytics is more important than web analytics? • Web analytics pretty much stick to delivering what a SEO expert might be looking from a website which includes page view and time on site. Yet, Digital marketing analytics focuses on the core business values that might need to be extracted with the data like number of conversion to sales.

  5. With digital marketing analytics marketer have the response to their campaign rather than just their websites from their customers which will help them compare and build upon further strategies with. This will also help identify deficient areas which might not be the right place for the campaign to exist and eventually help in rectifying the same. • Beware - It is easy to slip away • The aspects that can be measured in digital marketing are vast which means with all the numbers in hand it is quite possible you lose value of it. It is always important to keep in mind the very goal of your campaigns be it to increase sales or spread the brand name and carefully take into regard the numbers that can influence those aspects. • These number will just remain useless unless brands work to interpret them. Within them they carry the potential of paving the way to much better campaigns than the ones which have been revolving in the market currently. Companies that are smart can build a simple yet powerful campaign that will be a product of careful analysis of these numbers.