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How to stay healthy with diabetes PowerPoint Presentation
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How to stay healthy with diabetes

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How to stay healthy with diabetes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are different ways to combat this chronic disease. This article will provide tips and advice as to how to stay healthy with diabetes.

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How to stay healthy with diabetes

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how to stay healthy with diabetes

How to stay healthy with Diabetes?

Submitted By : University of Chicago Medicine Kovler Diabetes Center

diabetes is a lifelong condition

Diabetes is a lifelong condition and it is necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle to reduce the complications that come with it. There are different ways to combat this chronic disease, but the best ways are to stay healthy and positive.

Almost 18.1 million people around the world have diabetes. Are you one of them? If you are a diabetic, then you know that staying healthy is a lifetime job! You may also need to get support from the University of Chicago Medical Center for a more successful diabetes treatment.

1 eat healthy foods

1. Eat Healthy Foods

When you have diabetes, you have to steer away from foods that can spike your blood glucose levels. You should always watch what you eat. It’s best to limit your intake of refined, fatty, and processed foods.

Health experts from diabetes treatment center recommend that sufferers must eat power foods because these food items are rich in healthy nutrients that can prevent diabetes. These power foods include beans, dairy, salmon, tuna, barley, oats, berries, dates, greens, and lentils.

2 consult your doctor

2. Consult your doctor

Your doctor knows the best medicine for diabetes. He or she can also recommend the best treatment that will help you have better control over your diabetes. Doctors can check your blood sugar and they can also provide screenings and supplies that can help you stay healthy.

3 regular physical activity

3. Regular Physical Activity

Your diet is your king and exercise is the queen. Combine them and you will have a healthy kingdom. Simple physical activities like walking are effective in lowering your blood glucose levels. A diabetic’s weight needs to be carefully monitored as well. By taking steps to maintain a healthy weight, you can stay healthy despite being diabetic. Regular physical activity will not only reduce the complications of diabetes, but it can also bring in multiple benefits including improved mental health, enhanced self-confidence, and increased energy levels.

regular exercise can include brisk walking

Regular exercise can include brisk walking, jogging, bike riding, stretching, and aerobics. People with diabetes need to take precautions when exercising, though. You need to drink water when exercising to stay hydrated. Bring with you some fast-acting carbohydrate foods when exercising to prevent low blood sugar.

4 be positive

4. Be positive

Having diabetes doesn’t mean the end of your life. Do not stress yourself too much. Studies have shown that stress can bring bad effects to the body. Stress can cause depression, low self-esteem, and isolation from society. High levels of stress cause an increase in the blood sugar level and blood pressure.

Since diabetic people have no healthy mechanism for bringing a healthy blood sugar level to the body, it is important to adopt a coping mechanism for dealing with stress.

there are a few relaxation techniques that

There are a few relaxation techniques that can help lower blood sugar levels. Among the healthy ways to fight stress are exercises, yoga, meditation, listening to music, and watching a movie. Finding a good hobby to divert your attention to and getting engaged in activities that you will enjoy doing will also help you become less stressed.

Connecting with people from Chicago diabetes support groups can also help you cope with all the challenges brought on by this health disorder. You are more able to understand and accept your condition when people with the same experience surround you.

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